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‘Money diplomacy’ won’t be used in St Lucia ties


Taiwan will not engage in “money diplomacy” in order to maintain official ties with St Lucia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said Thursday amid foreign media reports that the Caribbean country is inviting both Taiwan and China’s representatives “for a talk” before it decides whether or not to withdraw ties with Taipei in favor of Beijing.
Speaking to reporters after the preliminary results were announced following Monday’s general election in which the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) won more than half of the seats in parliament to form a new government, SLP leader Kenny Anthony said both countries would be given an opportunity to put forward their case to his new administration.
“We have no intention of throwing out the Taiwanese the day after. That would be wrong, that would be improper. I have indicated that we (will) hear both sides,” Anthony was quoted as saying in a Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) report.
“We will certainly invite the Taiwanese to come in and speak to us and with us, likewise, if the People’s Republic of China expresses an interest we will hear them,” he added.
During the election campaign, Anthony, who led the St Lucian government from 1997 to 2006, during which the country maintained ties with China, reiterated that he could sever ties with the Republic of China government in favour for the People’s Republic of China.
When asked to comment on whether the St Lucian leader’s remarks could mean that the Taiwan government needs to offer better financial assistance to the Caribbean country than its Chinese counterpart in order to maintain the bilateral ties, MOFA spokesman James Chang said Taiwan has always offered foreign aid “openly and transparently.”
“Taiwan offers grants to and carries out cooperation programs with its allies based on the principles of right goals, legal procedure and efficient implementation,” he added.
“The remark has been seen as a way to refute the possibility of engaging the “checkbook diplomacy” that the country previously used during the former administration in order to prevent allies from being snatched away by Beijing.
Chang reiterated that the SLP pledged prior to and after the election that bilateral diplomatic relations would remain the same and therefore changes in both the ruling party and of the prime minister would not jeopardize the island’s political relations with Taiwan.
“Taiwan has offered various forms of assistance to St Lucia that have benefited the people of that country and we believe that the newly elected government of St Lucia will proceed with cooperative projects,” he added.

—The China Post


15 Responses to ‘Money diplomacy’ won’t be used in St Lucia ties

  1. SAYSAY says:

    Are St. Lucians willing to be part of a brutal communist regime in China whose own people are eager to flee oppression?
    God Help the St. Lucian people…….

    • think tank says:

      this is to “SAYSAY” u call china brutal communist regime .. what about the ties china have with places like USA, CANADA, EUROPE.. is st lucia more democratic than these bedrocks of democracy nations mentioned above? stop that hyprocrisy and think for yourself and stop allowing other ppl s views to mold u.. yes china does have many restrictions and oppressive regulations so does socalled democratic countries too..though to a much lesser degree . but china is prob the only major power in the earth who gives without much stipulations and redtape .. and a myriad of signitories to financial aid as does europe and other countries with self interests.. PS all countries has self interest

  2. I visit St. Lucia last year carnival,and I didn’t like to watch what I see on TV, the Government should put a stop to these sex movies that played on air in the night. And also the churches suppose to behind the government to put a stop to such movies because it not good for our children.

    • crystal glass says:

      u might as well ask the government to close all rum shops and the sale of cigarettes since its not good for our children. come on. cha

  3. I am a St. Lucian living on St. Thomas US VI,and I have been on the internet looking for news from ST.Lucia. UWP is my party,but it is St,Lucian who live there to make their choice,and I go along with them



  4. The SLP were there before, so they know the treatment they got, so it up too them to know if to give other a try and see the difference.
    Above all they suppose to put St.Lucia.

  5. think tank says:

    what i would like to know is how forthcoming with financial aid was taiwan to the previous uwp gov. In the last 4 yrs how much did they drop in our coffers? If anyone knows pass it on. according to slp manifesto they intend to build a theatre for the performing arts and alluded to the chinese gov previous mou to build such if they had retained leadership in 2006 .. so i am guessing if taiwan could keep that promise and perhaps continue their rural agricultural penetration monetary assistance among other infastructural works then labour may just may keep them but i believe china with its somewhat unlimited load capabilities will push for st lucia to side with them .

  6. ras akkad shamara says:

    asiaians need more help than we in theecarry beyond dicators money y they dont invest in asia why st.lucia not asia

  7. Son of Helen says:

    The Chinese are lowly evolved with no compassion whatsoever, their only goal is world domination with their modern-slavery/communism money. They already own America.

  8. Lucian Observer says:

    I don’t know who is trying to fool who here. We all know that within 6 months the Taiwanese will be gone, one way or another. It’s just a matter of finding the appropriate “explanation”. The Chinese position on this is very hard line – no way they will allow the new government to keep the Taiwanese in St Lucia.

    However, I hope we handle this with a bit more class than Grenada and Dominica, who basically took what money they could get from Taiwan then went over to China, asked for more and then booted out the Taiwanese.

    • King Junior Stewart says:

      Not only that you see what Taiwan doing to Grenada now ?? They bring litigations against Grenada they are demanding monetary refunds, Port fees, landing fees, etc to be sent to an account set up by the Taiwan Goverment. Kenny heed my warning tread the waters carefully. IF YOU GOING TO BEG, BEG CAREFULLY, BEG WITHOUT STIPULATIONS, LET ANYTHING OR MOST OF EVERYTHING BE IN THE FORM OF A GRANT NOT A LOAN. YOU HAVE A SLIGHT LEVEARGE TO WORK WITH, BOTH OF THEM WANT PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE LET THEM KISS YOUR ASS FOR IT. ASK THEM WHAT THEY ARE WILLING TO GIVE FOR THIS ALLEGIANCE NOT WHAT THEY ARE WILLING TO LEND. HEED MY WARNING ! LET THEM BUY IT. NO TENNIS COURTS, TAKE DOLLARS INSTEAD.

  9. zahara says:

    What sought of thing is that it will be china all over again.China will take over I am really sorry for the poor Lucian people but you will never learn he promised better days well put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  10. King Junior Stewart says:

    Yeah yeah yeah just pack your bags TRUST ME JUST PACK THEM China going to own yu’ll again just now NO MATTER WHAT THE USA SAY. What can the US say anyway if you do your homework you will see that China own them already. Kenny going to be nice to you for nice sake (JUST IN CASE) but the ting set already. Remember Chou if yu buttering a mans bread butter it with marmalade instead he will like you better.

  11. chichi says:

    “reiterated that he could sever ties with the Republic of China government in favour for the People’s Republic of China.” – Is there a mistake in that statement?

  12. chichi says:

    “reiterated that he could sever ties with the Republic of China government in favour for the People’s Republic of China.” – Is there a mistake in tht statement?

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