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Small Talk is about to get a million times more fiery and entertaining! In fact, this November it’s getting a facelift, and being reintroduced as the trendy new 2nite Magazine! This guaranteed hot seller is going to be jam-packed with modern content to satisfy the entertainment, gossip, celebrity and fashion desires of St Lucia’s 18-24 year old youths.

2nite will provide exclusive coverage of the hottest parties but with even more scorching photos – it’s all about what’s exciting, new and scandalous. In addition to the popular Biky-B, “Spilling the Beans” gossip column and Jenny Stone’s “Keeping It Real” column that will be included in the transition, this hot publication will also feature some sizzling new sections. Get ready to read about the latest in fashion, celebrities, music, technology and cars, and be shocked by the juicy new Shout Outs (Blurt!) section and the outrageously sexy pin up spread.

2Nite Magazine’s launch will be held in October!

In Shout Outs (Blurt!), readers will be able to anonymously (or openly) speak out about that gorgeous lady they saw walking through the supermarket, or that obnoxious person at the movie theater who kept yapping on their phone. It’s all about making connections, getting vocal and being candid!

In the Bikini Bombshell pin up spread, which will without a doubt be the main attraction, local male and female residents will be selected as models at one of 2nite’s exclusive competitions held monthly. Registrants will strut their stuff at a local bar to win cash prizes and a photo shoot with the STAR. Then they’ll enjoy the limelight as they see their sexy photo published in St Lucia’s hottest new magazine!

2nite is all about St Lucia’s young, vibrant people who make the entertainment scene what it is. It’s going to be the next big thing – you won’t want to miss out! Keep your eyes peeled for the first issue of 2Nite, in the November 3 edition of the STAR! Stay tuned for more information about the first Bikini Bombshell event to be hosted by 2nite in October!

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