4th Annual COP T-20 Cricket Finals

Press Release

The 4th Annual COP T-20 Cricket Finals is scheduled to take place on Saturday November 14th, 2015 from 1pm at the Mindoo Phillip Park between Phillips & Lawrence Houses.

The prize giving ceremony will take place at the end and a Police 15 man Squad will be named to represent The Royal St. Lucia Police Force in the RSS Tournament in April 2016, in Barbados.


RSLPF Cricket Team


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One Response to 4th Annual COP T-20 Cricket Finals

  1. I don't care says:

    A named Compton vasson was cooking dinner for his mother last night in la point mopo. His sister was bathing his mother, it felt so good because they were laughing saying they feel like little kids caring for the mother. 4 police men came to the house and told Compton come on let’s go, he said where? What did I do? They said lets go you are not allowed to be at your mother’s house. There’s a restraining order against that by the big brother Kimbut. He said no I’m cooking dinner for my mother and their isn’t and order. The police men grabbed him threw him over the balcony like he is garbage, like an animal, like he is a no body, mind you mother is seeing all of this. Sister is screaming, crying not to treat my brother like that. Stop it, stop it, he did nothing wrong. I’m on the phone hearing all the noise while I’m also crying and wishing the cops would stop. The cops beat my uncle so badly and hurt his major surgery he has in his stomach. The cops squeezed his throat as if they were going to kill him. These cops I believe are wrong to treat a man would was cooking for his mother like that in front of his mother and sister. This man in jail for committing no crime, this man is my uncle and I want the word out there that a man isn’t allowed to see his mother because the other brothers say so. This man wasn’t read his rights. They just grabbed and treated him like a nobody. Without telling him why!!!! I need the police commissioner to know these things are happening…

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