Nine-year-old Randell Browne makes a Public Plea for a Real Chance at Life

Randell Browne was diagnosed with a rare medical condition called Haemophilia B at the age of six months. He had been admitted to the Sick Kids Hospital in Canada, his birth country, where he had been receiving treatment, when his Saint Lucian mother returned to the island with Randell in 2007. Randell has been here in St. Lucia for the last eight years and has since been battling this condition.

Haemophilia B is a rare genetic bleeding disorder in which affected individuals have insufficient levels of a blood protein called Factor IX, which is a blood clotting factor. The specialized proteins are required for the clotting of blood, the process by which blood seals a wound to stop bleeding.


Randell wants the chance to be a normal boy having fun with his friends.

According to Randell’s mother, the youngster has been hospitalised on numerous occasions, but has received no assistance in terms of treatment of his condition. Lisa Browne says that his medical situation has escalated to the point where it is a near impossible feat for the nine-year-old to concentrate on his schoolwork. “His grades have been declining,” she explained, “as he has been missing school rather frequently.”

She went on to share, “Randell has a lot of potential,” and is pleading for assistance from the public so that a difference can be made in the boy’s life. “This is a silent killer,” she said. “I am asking for donations so we can get Randell the treatment he needs. Currently, he is unable to walk as a result of the bleeding in his knees and so he requires immediate treatment before his condition worsens.”

Randell is presently at the Victoria Hospital fighting relentlessly to retain his youthful smiles. “Please pray for him,” said Browne, concerned and heartbroken by the plight of her son. She welcomes any form of assistance from the public and says that whatever alms or financial aid is extended to her son will be greatly appreciated.

Persons interested in contributing to changing little Randell’s life for the better, are asked to forward donations to account number 22793 at the Co-operative Bank in Micoud. Alternatively donations can be forwarded to the Bank of Nova Scotia, Swift Code NOSCLCLC, transit number 20735, account number 63476. Persons who wish to use Western Union as their preferred method of transfer are asked to do so, with Lisa Browne (mother) as the recipient.

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2 Responses to Nine-year-old Randell Browne makes a Public Plea for a Real Chance at Life

  1. lisa says:

    I dont but i want to be there for my son

  2. I am going to assume the mother don’t have status in Canada. Don’t worry my boy King will organized you after The Jazz. Reinvest the profits back in the community and the youths I don’t have a problem with that.

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