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It is said that everyone is a reader once they have found the perfect book. If you are trying to get your little one more engaged, especially over this extended weekend break, this may just be the perfect read. The story is about a great, big Gruffalo who tells his tales about the mysteries and terrors of the deep, dark woods. Strict instructions are given to the Gruffalo’s child to stay clear of these woods but, just like you, being told not to do something makes it more of a curiosity than a warning. The little Gruffalo is now curious and, bored with being in her cave, decides to find out about the great terror that lives and roams in the deep, dark woods. She is determined to find out for herself.

Armed with the information from her father, the Gruffalo’s child sets off on the adventure of finding a creature that would fit the descriptions. She uses her skills and follows clues of claw marks and tracks in the snow. The Gruffalo’s child encounters many marvelous creatures but none with the full profile of a terrible monstrous creature. She starts to lose hope of it actually existing. Throughout her journey the Gruffalo’s child makes sure to reassure herself that she isn’t scared of any creature that resides in the deep, dark woods in caves, holes, tree tops or even under the snow.

the Gruffalo's Child

The Gruffalo’s Child

The Gruffalo’s child becomes hungry and tired from all the encounters and finds a little mouse on her path that she thinks would make a tasty meal. But this little, seemingly powerless mouse insists that she should wait before eating him and tells the Gruffalo’s child she should meet his friend.

To her surprise the friend looks mighty strong and has whiskers that are as tough as wires, eyes as red as a terrible flame and a long scaly tail! I don’t think that the Gruffalo’s child will ever go roaming through the deep, dark woods any more!

Far from being scared by the story, your child will love the illustrations which beautifully depict the animals and places. And because of the sing-song, almost poetic read, kids will memorise every line in a jiffy.

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