A Bordelais Insider asks: What is Walker’s Agenda?


Bordelais Correctional Facility: An “insider” officer questions the motives and accuracy of former Chair of the  Board of Visiting Justices.

Bordelais Correctional Facility: An “insider” officer questions the motives and accuracy of former Chair of the
Board of Visiting Justices.

Mr. Walker: The innuendos, baseless accusations, and procrastinations must stop; and I am alluding to the officers at the Bordelais Correctional Facility. For far too long you have been on the backs of the hard-working and dedicated Correctional Officers at the Bordelais Correctional Facility, with your senseless editorials or storybook fantasies.

It appears that you have some personal issues with each and every one of them. Who made you believe that you are a god and you can pass judgment on them? Or feel that you can cast aspersions, castigate them at every opportune time? It’s like you believe that whatever nonsensical item you write in the papers is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Let me put it to you that you are a gossip monger, eager for every tidbit of information that you can get to write your garbage about Correctional Officers.

In your tenure as the Chairman of the Board of Visiting Justices, you were quite familiar with the place. Did you interact with the officers to find out what conditions they worked under? What is the real story of the horrors they are faced with on a day-to-day basis? The constant threats, abusive language, the assaults in all forms endured by them? Did you care to know?

You said you have friends at the facility. Certainly not among the officers, based on your article. The inmates are your friends, I guess. But guess what? There was an article in The STAR, where you wrote that the inmates call you on your cell phone. You would know the times that they called you. There is no record of your cell phone numbers anywhere at the facility.

You visited the facility on many occasions while you were Chairman. It would be very interesting to find out what medium they used to call you during those nights, and what time they called.

You are so concerned about officers being corrupt. And yet in your capacity as the Chairman of the Board of Visiting Justices, you did not at any time report to the Director of Corrections or other Principals, that the inmates called you via a prohibited cell phone. Why didn’t you?

Why did you go all out to write in The STAR to expose such a crucial piece of information? Your own writings crucify you. So now, you want to pull some kind of sanctimonious BS on the Correctional Officers?  Your “insiders,” let me tell you, may be inmates and they hear talk. I do believe that you have no idea as to what is happening at the Facility.

So here you go again, based on your wild intimacies, accusing the officers of being on a go-slow. That is so ridiculous and absurd. Where presently at Bordelais is this happening? This just goes to show the type of character you are and how low you will stoop. You are besmirching the officers with impunity and believe we will just sit idly by.

Mr. Walker, you want to describe Correctional Officers as recalcitrant and other words, but you need to get your information right. Let me assure you that the facility is running quite smoothly, in spite of the absence of a Director. We are holding the fort and are quite capable and able and even better to handle ourselves. As to how you have that information about another impending attack on the facility, it would very interesting for the police to question as to how you got that information and where it came from.

Then it begs the question: if you know about such a second onslaught on the Facility, did you know about the first incident? Just asking! Your “insiders” feed you false information to whet your insatiable appetite for gossip and malicious statements.

This is your quote: “Whatever the case, the prison was shut down. Officers of dubious reliability were probably reassigned or simply not called in for duty; suspect prisoners-on-the-hit-list were segregated, and spread around the units; cell doors were locked and remained locked; six, eight, perhaps even more to a cell were confined in spaces little bigger than a transport van for days on end, eating, sleeping on concrete floors, and defecating together like one big family.”

When on earth did this happen and where? Certainly not at Bordelais! Where do you get your information? Your so-called “insiders?” You are being misled; I can actually see the goo being spread all over your face. Your own perception of the truth often misguides you into writing garbage that is unworthy
of reading or far from the truth.

Your statement above is so unreal and untrue that it stinks of the very same garbage that emanates from what you write. Michael Walker, you are just being a vindictive person with hidden agendas and you will never change.  Once again, who are you? I believe you are a disenchanted, misguided, individual who wishes to put people down at every opportune time.

And for your information, we were very adamant that you not be returned as the Chairman or have any part on that Board! You are no friend of the Correctional Officers as you have proven time and time again. I have no qualms when you write your articles, but be truthful and stop hammering the hard-working and dedicated officers of the Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Let us say, for argument’s sake, that your facts are as solid as bricks. But the way you present them depends on your judgment which I find is in poor taste, yet amusing. That editorial you wrote, was it just primarily to inform or entertain the public? We have had our good days by laughing at what you call amusing stories, and you are right at that. It is amusing and misleading.

The Director of Corrections may be or is on vacation as you say. But have you asked why his contract has not been renewed or will not be renewed? Or is there an impediment that obstructs paving the way for a contract renewal?

Did you bother to find out why the Accountant met his terrestrial demise by his own volition? Why do you always target the lower rank and file of the officers to suit your whims and fancies? I would hate to believe you are trying to create a compelling and titillating editorial in order to capture the readers out there!

You have deliberately and calculatedly excluded intricate details that would make the a-musing editorial you wrote noteworthy. But don’t fool yourself. The audit report speaks volumes and is very damming, but it will manifest itself soon.

King Solomon in the book of proverbs 14:15 says “anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps”.

For far too long now, you have been dispensing your written and provocative justice on the Correctional Officers. Whilst you are asleep snugly in your bed, along with the populace, the officers are out there holding the fort, away from their homes and loved ones. Are you appreciative of that fact, knowing full well that you are safe and secure? I guess not! Because you have no idea what it means to be loyal to a career that is very demanding, stressful, life threatening and risky.

As far as I am concerned, you are just a paper pusher writing stuff about what goes on in your warped mind. Those are hard-working and dedicated individuals who make the sacrifice day in, day out for a better St Lucia. For once in your miserable life, can’t you see the good that we do and forget the all the negativity that spurts out from your mouth?

Go online at www.stluciastar.com to read Michael Walker’s article “Tough Love” which elicited the above response. – STAR Editor.




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