African ‘prophet’ speaks out!

African 'prophet': 'God will vindicate me!'

African 'prophet': 'God will vindicate me!'

Early Saturday afternoon an unexpected anonymous caller phoned to say the ‘prophet’ had been disappointed in a STAR story entitled “Saviour or Quack? The Price of a Blessing . . . ” that made the front page of our weekend newspaper. The story shared the sentiments of people who’d witnessed William Braham’s ministry, either at lunchtime inside the Town Hall in Castries, at the Gros Islet Secondary School, or the Bay Gardens Hotel. Braham was a special guest of Trumpet to the Nations Ministry.
Braham’s presence on the island has generated much speculation, but nevertheless a great number of people have either gone to see him for themselves, or heard tales from friends or family who’ve been there. On Saturday my “private” caller seemed apologetic to the fact that we hadn’t gotten our one on one with the ‘prophet’, and promptly gave me the “apostle’s” private digits adding: “make sure you don’t give it to anyone else!”
The anonymous call was weird enough; it was also a little unusual to schedule an interview at 8:30pm, as I did with the “apostle” minutes later. We were to meet at the Gros Islet Secondary School at 8:30pm on Sunday. Propelled by curiosity, I got there half an hour early the next day.
The woman barreling towards me could not have been coming to greet me with a friendly hug—after all she was one of the people who’d failed to grant me an interview with the “prophet” in the first place.
“You’re Kayra Williams? Are you Kayra Williams?” she said loudly in an accusatory tone before I’d even gotten to the entrance. “How could you write such a horrible story about us. That is wrong, that is propaganda!”
Staying as calm as possible given the circumstance, the eyes of the few people who’d been outside now fixed on the scene, my response had to do with obviously not having been able to meet with the “prophet” in the first place. Not satisfied she went on, but I busied myself with typing her words onto my phone as I knew that they would later come in handy. She walked off, then came back this time with a different composure. “My girl, I’m not trying to be mean, but that story was really something. By the way, you look nice.”
Disliking the way the night was going, and debating whether or not to leave, I made my way into the auditorium searching for the “prophet”. He phoned me as soon as he arrived ten minutes later and we settled into his driver’s jeep in the parking lot for the interview. The service inside the secondary school auditorium had already begun and it was much quieter there.
Braham first expressed his thoughts upon reading the story: “When I saw the story I felt definitely I needed to clarify some things. There’s always more to something. I was not too surprised because people can interpret whatever they see in their own way.”
We spoke about his spiritual background, and he said he’d received a lot of prophesies even during his school days. He claimed he’d received prophecies from great men of God concerning his calling.
“My mom was a strong Christian who was taking me to church, (House of Power Prayer Ministries) every day. By the time I was seven I was a great prophet in our nation (Ghana, Africa). When I received the call at the age of 14 I was following my mom, but at one point the calling became so strong because I began to have personal experiences with God in my dreams.”
He said he entered fully into the ministry at 17, straight after secondary school and served in various ministries like Royal House Chapel in Ghana, and others in Amsterdam where he resided. He now had his own, Glorious Fire Ministry.
“At that tender age, the Lord used me to speak into people’s lives,” he said. “I spoke prophetically to people and it was coming to pass. The Lord used me to give direction to people at that age, and that is how the calling started.”
He went into detail speaking of an instance where a minister of his country was about to be assassinated.
“He saw that in his dreams about seven times,” Braham said. “The day before the plot for the people to kill him, the Lord ministered through him to me and it almost came to pass but he escaped it because he had prophetic direction.”
“It’s never true,” he said of claims that persons called a number on the ministry’s flyer only to be told they could not have a one on one with the “prophet” unless they gave some sort of seed offering. “They have not yet arranged a day for me to sit down with people one on one. In the olden days when you were going to see a prophet and even now, the Bible says never go to the House of the Lord empty handed. It’s up to the person’s discretion to give something, not to the prophet but to support the work of God. I would never ask someone to give something just to get a blessing.”
“The Bible tells us we should give, in the same measure we give, that’s how we receive. People give willingly. It’s not charged. It’s not forced. After people have seen what God is doing in their life, then they want to support the work of God. Not personally to the prophet.”
At the lunchtime ministry several persons have witnessed people coming inside the Town Hall, attempting to disrupt the proceedings. In one instance, a man came inside saying loudly: “That’s a fix ting. They just fooling every body in St Lucia!”
To that Braham responded in our interview: “I’m a total stranger in this land. No one knows me. I’ve never been to anyone’s house before. I don’t see them before. One of the things I know is that when something people have not seen is happening, they end up calling it whatever they will call it, but as people grow to understand that part of ministry, the deliverance and prophetic, they would begin to understand it. Most of them you’d be surprised, after they get their healing you don’t see them again, even in the ministry. We want to bring people into the kingdom of God. People must get their problems solved, healed, delivered. That would give them more conviction about their salvation.”
But what exactly was his method for picking out various people in the crowd and “healing them”?
“It is the Holy Spirit who would depict or show you various problems of different people,” he said. “If you realize in my ministry, I don’t normally pick people random, but I call the situation, the problem you are going through and the person would come and say it’s me. Most times it’s the dream. The Lord moves me into the dreams of people because you know, dreams are a spiritual aspect of one’s life. If you’re able to deal with it physically everything would begin to work for you. That’s the area God has gifted me. If I was being systematic, I’d pick the rich people, or pick those in my eyes that are good, but since I don’t have control over it, it is the spirit of the Lord that leads me, the Lord will lead me to various people. It’s not that we intentionally don’t want to pray for them. Even Jesus when he came it was not all the blind people he healed. It’s not all the sick people he healed. It was people that he was led to that he healed.”
He went on: “I don’t have to prove myself. God will vindicate me and prove judging by the works. You have to be patient enough to allow people to get the ministry and understand you. God is doing a new thing. I believe after me, God will even raise his own prophet from this nation that will help establish the kingdom of God. When a person gets delivered, you see. When they are healed you see and the person don’t come again with the problem. I believe its hunger and what the people see that keeps bringing them. It’s not about man it’s about God. When God moves, people will be attracted to what God is doing.”

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