Allen fights back at ‘unfit mother’ claims


Molly Allen is incensed by the insinuation that she is not equipped to care for her kids.

Molly Allen is finally receiving some good news. Her daughter appears to finally be on the mend after receiving the ministrations of a specialist. Allen reports that the ten-year-old is eating more, standing a bit straighter and in better spirits.

“She’s doing a little okay right now. I got through to a special doctor. I am waiting on a next doctor to come into the island next month to see her. The doctor is taking care of her. She was badly damaged. He found the faults, what was wrong with her and the doctors that saw her before claimed that nothing was wrong with her. I want to know why they tried to cover up such a serious matter. The doctor told me that if I didn’t bring this child in she would be crippled for life. That’s how bad she was. I have to go everyday for therapy. That is money. I had to go out and do some part time jobs just to get some money to pay the bills and do things for her. All the money I had saved I had to use it as soon as this happened. The next step is an MRI to see what is going on because she hit her head.”

On a less positive note, the outspoken mother is incensed by a statement from the Ministry of Education in which they outline what they deem to be egregious behaviour by Allen. She is thoroughly disappointed in what she views is character assassination and an attempt by the ministry to sully her reputation in order to preserve theirs.

“When I saw the article I was totally upset. It is childish. It is like two little teenagers having a fight. These people know they were at fault in many ways and did not handle it right starting from the chief. First of all I went to the DPS. She is higher than the chief. She should have taken the matter right away because that is a crime. She said the chief will handle it when he comes. The dates are wrong. I gave the media the correct ones from my diary. The timing is wrong. What I find is that they’re trying to cover up. They already know they at fault so they trying to cover it to make themselves look good and make me look bad. They were trying to say I am an unfit mother. You cannot tell a mother she is unfit when she leaving her children to work, feed her children and put a roof over their heads. That’s why it’s very disrespectful to mothers out there to be trying to send their children to school and give them a proper education and other people’s children messing up their life. These are the ministers that we vote in  no matter is you red, green, blue, or yellow. We put you in power to protect our children.”

She also had harsh words for education minister, Robert Lewis, for the apparent brush off of the matter during a recent television interview. Allen has been requesting a meeting with Lewis but has yet to be acknowledged.

“And total disrespect from the Minister of Education for what he said on national television.You representing education. I called. I did not disrespect no minister. I called on him. I opened my door to him to come and see my child and you can sit down and talk to me. I don’t want to talk to your chief. Because the same chief told me he didn’t have time when I first brought the matter to him. Children are not puppets. Children are human. They are not a piece of furniture we just knock around. We bear pain to push them out and everybody have to respect them. I don’t tolerate what they put out there. That is a cover up, that is an attack, and that is total nonsense.”

Of particular concern to Allen is the implication that she is not suitable to raise her children. The statement also sites an incident in late November where authorities from the ministry visited the household. Allen gave her version of events.

“On the 22nd of November I had to go to court. That is when they called to tell you how the case will be judged. Presently this is going to trial December 12th. I left my daughter in the care of my son. I was not expecting anyone since no one called. After court I was going to meet the same doctor who is right now looking after my daughter. My son called and said mommy there’s some people in front of our house. He said he’s from Ministry of Education. I said ‘what you doing there? What are you
doing in my house?’ He said the chief sent him. I said listen to me. Get the hell out of my house. I don’t know who you are. I have my two children there. I don’t know if they come and kidnap my children. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m at the court trying to get justice and somebody just coming in my house? So I paid a taxi and I went up there. I mean if you coming to do an investigation you supposed to call first. I tell them move from in front of my house and I did cuss him. And I tell them that is totally unprofessional. Tell the chief come to me himself. They know I was going to court the 22nd. They know the truth. If they didn’t know the truth, they would not go so far to pull me down. These are my children and I have had enough of it. They trying to paint the picture that I am unfit.”

Despite her ire, Allen maintains that she harbours no ill will towards Lewis and his team, and says that the invitation to the minister still stands.

“I will still want to see him. I will not call on him as a minister. I want him to take of that word minister and step in as a father. Because he is a parent. And we can sit down and deal like civilized human beings.”


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