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Molly Allen her battle to see justice served over the bullying and assault of her daughter is far from over.

Molly Allen her battle to see justice served over the bullying and assault of her daughter is far from over.

t’s a new year but old problems continue to persist for Molly Allen. Late last year the embattled mother encountered yet another setback in her quest to see her daughter’s attacker pay for her crime. The case which was set to go to trial on Thursday December 12th , was adjourned until February 2014. Allen was incensed, especially since it may have been due to her perceived absence. But as she explained, there was a key piece of information that needed to be brought before the court: A doctor’s report stating her daughter’s condition.

By now most have heard the story or even a few snippets. Allen’s young daughter was attacked just before her school’s Jounen Kweyol celebrations, by the mother of  her alleged longtime bully. So severe was the beating that the little girl had been suffering intense back pain and experienced difficulty in mobility. Since then Allen has become a media fixture, determined to not only see justice served but to draw attention to the plight of the nation’s youth.

So what’s been going on since that last December delay?

“The case is next month, February 13th. And i’m pushing to get through and see that everything works out. I went to see the prosecutor and she was telling me that we have one more adjournment. I tell her no. What if the child died? The case would go under the table.”

It is one of Allen’s greatest fears that the matter will fade into oblivion as have many others before. She admits it has been a very trying situation to juggle this matter as well as her motherly duties. During this process she has at times been painted as a villain for continuing to keep her children away from school as well as her aggressive nature. But she contends that she has been working to get her kids transferred to another institution, away from the confusion.

“I went and saw the minister. We had a meeting with human services at the ministry of health. It was me, the chief, district officer from Babonneau and Castries, and the principal of the other school.”

A tentative agreement has been reached for the transfer but confirmation is being awaited from the proper authorities. Until then Allen remains focused on protecting her children and encouraging other parents whose children have been victimized.

“To tell you the truth i’m scared. Because it’s not the first or the second time. This fight is not about me. It’s for everybody. People ask me what do I want them to offer. I say this is not about offering anything. You can’t pay me back what I lost or what I go through. I just want them to handle this case right. If they do not, a lot of us as parents will be taking matters in our own hands. Because this is a crime.”

One silver lining is that the young victim appears to be on the mend. Allen’s little girl has started walking upright again much to her mother’s joy.

“She’s okay. She is walking, getting better. She’s still going to therapy. Even though she’s not crying out with pain and so on they’re keeping an eye on her because she is so small.”

The youngster is also set to undergo counselling. Allen shared that she still has nightmares which causes her great concern, but she has started attending church services again and having some fun with her brother. It’s probably the most important victory in the ongoing war.


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