Are we merely lumps of murderous meat?

According to the English historian Henry Thomas Buckle, if society prepares the crime, then inevitably the criminal will commit it. Talidari puts it another way; “Society prevents the crime, the criminal omits it.” The cited commentators both suggest that when it comes to crime prevention society has a most important role
to play. Shall I dare bring into this short piece another quote, this time from Seneca? “He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it.”
We live in a society that has been rendered numb to barbaric criminal activity, members left to fend for themselves. The rich get richer, the poor steal.
It’s a vicious cycle in
a world where lawlessness is the new law and thieves are not without honour.
Crime rises at such a rapid rate that many people expect to be killed, or at least harmed. How did mankind allow itself to get into such a treacherous state that we no longer cares for our fellow man? Were we always this way?
From the dawn of time, from the apple of creation to the evolution of science, mankind has strived to surpass itself in every way except its own sanity.
Faithfulness, honesty, love, sympathy, kindness have been replaced with greed, selfishness, cruelty and lust. Be it basic or self-interest, mankind has killed itself without realization. For that a sorrowful world weeps.
If it should all end tomorrow will the universe cry or celebrate? After we, the living, have passed on, what will those that come after us say about our legacy?
Sure we have built monuments, raised cities, become the most powerful in our own existence, but at what cost? What costs have been sacrificed, when a mother sends her child to school only to receive a phone call that the child she carried in her womb for nine months has been taken violently and permanently taken away from her? Humans take life for granted, to the extent that we no longer blink at news of the most horrific kind. Are we just lumps of meat, born and bred to hate?
Is that really our destiny? To live by stepping on others and then to die?
Even if we live life to its fullest . . . in the end, can we really say we did our very best? What will our lives say when we die?
To remove a life, to press a switch, squeeze a trigger, and add force . . . to take a breath away, what right is that of ours? Can we return that life to what it once was?
You kill someone and you move on, not realizing the cause and effect factor. Supposing that that person you killed could have later cured a disease which later on in life could cure you or someone you care about.
What if that person you robbed could have one day become the person that saved your mother, grandmother, or yourself? Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, every action performed in life creates another reaction which in turn produces
a new counter action.
Thus an endless chain of actions and reactions is produced which binds the living entity to his good and bad deeds. It creates an action and another
reaction simultaneously and this increases the chain of material activities, keeping the performer in material bondage.
Cause and effect; no one realizes that things happen in their own rippling guise. Or just maybe, people no longer care. So I’ll start my own cause and effect and write, I’ll continue to write, whatever thoughts or ramblings I may have, because, this in itself is an effect that can cause someone to think outside themselves.

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