Arise, Sir Julian!

Julian Hunte (r) being embraced by Colin Powell former US Secretary of State.

Julian Hunte (r) being embraced by Colin Powell former US Secretary of State.

Congratulations “Sir Julian.” Unlike everyone else, for me, calling you “Sir” is a mixed issue, as it was always how I addressed you when answering questions, just before I was about to get  “disciplined” for behaving badly.

As the child of a politician, I must say that the experience has been uncanny.

To have a father never once implicated in scandal; no secret bank accounts; no contracts given to your brothers. In the thick of campaign trails over decades, to see not even one opponent even dare slight inference of “bobolist” in their pawol, was not by accident.

Politics never came to meet me with an “outside” brother or sister. Truthfully, I have never even met the rumor. That even your rivals could not find compromise in your ethics, is to this day, truly remarkable. Your list of accomplishments reads like the closing credits of “Ironman”?almost too long.

As a district representative you established a concrete benchmark for representation; no shortcuts; relationships built in person, one by one, honestly.

I won’t reflect on your time in soccer or in cricket, as an opening batsman for the Windwards, as I know you are still looking to make the “Windies” side for 2015. I’ll let the West Indies recent 20/20 championship bear testimony to your tenure.

For us, your family, the reminders of your resilience would be revealed in some of the little things said by others.

Not just as President of the United Nations, in making history for Saint Lucia and the Vatican; but to hear American federal security agents marvel to us that in your entire tenure, you were NEVER late, not even once. That as minister of Foreign Affairs, most times the only people in work before you were the security guards posted from the night before.

Much like in national politics, your resilience and poise garnered Saint Lucia  the international reputation of being determined achievers.

Not bad for a man who passed for St. Mary’s College, but whose family could not raise the $15 to send him. Now as the head of Julian R. Hunte Group of Companies, you may have to go re-register with the “Sir” in front.

You have achieved so much, but as a man whose own parents had both passed before he was sixteen, perhaps I will let the pundits pay tribute to your career accomplishments and just remark upon being your son.

I’ve often been asked about the enormity of your shadow, but for me it has always been a bright light illuminating a resplendent path.

Through the doors opened by your ambition and determination I have met many great people and witnessed history made consistently on a grand scale. I have seen you match acumen with everyone from Kofi Annan to President Clinton, from Ambassador Sidney Poitier to Pope John Paul II and General Colin Powell.

As a father, friend, businessman, representative, politician, president, leader and patriot, you have been nothing short of exceptional.

But for me, out of all the remarkable people I myself have encountered, you are still, to this day, the greatest man I have ever met.

On behalf of Lady Jennifer and the entire family, to H.E. Dr. Hon. Sir Julian Robert Hunte O.B.E. J.P. , I say thank you, Sir. Awesome, simply awesome!

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9 Responses to Arise, Sir Julian!

  1. Beedie Baba says:

    Blahhhh blahhhh baaahhhhh, I can’t this self serving slop.

  2. my father Jordan Hunte from Dennery told me about Julian Hunte i now live in ny and is a proud St L ucian keep up the good work

  3. Celestin says:

    Ask him about his brother Joe how he let rot @ La Toc ( Golden Hope)

  4. Ric says:

    Actually Clinton you are wrong and Christopher is correct in referring to his mother as Lady Jennifer. Protocol allows for the Lady to be called by her first name and it also allows for the gentleman to be called Sir Julian. It is only when giving their official office or qualifications that the entire name is used. So you won’t say Dr. Hon. Julian. That would be wrong, but you can say Sir. Julian and Lady Jennifer.
    It was a wonderful article and I felt proud even though I don’t know the gentleman personally. As a student of Caribbean politics, I’ve watched Sir Julian from afar and have always been impressed by him. I believe that St. Lucia is a bit poorer because he did not become…

  5. Pam Popo says:

    I agree with the blogger above. I lived in New York and know of the excess of Julian Hunte, his private staff and office that cost the St. Lucia Government so much, Kenny sent for him and made him run the Gross Islet seat (2006) knowing he had no chance of winning. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Stanford and Hunte were close close close until he became Saint Hunte.

  6. Peter Ford says:

    I did not realise that the Star has become a face book page for the Hunte family. Ah sorry I just remembered that Rick and Mr. (I’ll break glass in your arse) are indeed buddies. I suppose the Hunte family called in a favour and Rick, caught sleeping at the wheel said why not. Not a single scandal in public life writes the son. Stanford and his mates are laughing from behind bars. I can hear it …loud and clear….”yeah right” Portia and the Jamaican Minister for Sports are killing themselves laughing over their Red Stripes.
    Son some times its best to let sleeping dogs lie. Son of Saint Hunte of Gross Islet.

  7. Marie Felix says:

    Truly a remarkable person. I know firsthand, having been an employee in one of his companies for sevral years.

  8. bertdeterville says:

    with great respect to u allow me 2 ask of u one question were u ever an agent of an insurance company in Castries if so please reply sir hunte

  9. Clinton says:

    Superbly written Christopher, except for the very last part where you refer to your mom as Lady Jennifer. I’m certain that you just forgot to add the Hunte to the end, as she should be referred to as Lady Hunte. 😉

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