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Edward for Education raises $15,000 for Corinth Secondary!

Students of the Corinth Secondary School, past and present, have all had to deal with the same predicament. There has never really been a sickbay or any private area where students can be taken if they fall sick during school … Continue reading

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Friends’ message to Hazel: ‘Ride in Peace’

Eldridge Louis got set for work on the morning of Wednesday, February 2 just like any other morning. There was no way to tell it would be the last time he’d travel from his Corinth home to his office at … Continue reading

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How to be ‘Spektakular’

Christina Jameson’s agency may just be the closest thing St Lucia has to a finishing school. In a country where self-confidence is in short supply for a large number of young people, any effort that targets young people and lets … Continue reading

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Police investigate two more shootings!

Gun violence in St Lucia doesn’t appear to be subsiding. In fact, shootings are taking place in more and more unexpected areas at just about any time of day. On Sunday a regular shopping day turned into a nightmare for … Continue reading

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St Lucia has never before had an uninvited guest quite like Tomas. For many St Lucians, October 30 started off like any other day. Those who didn’t really pay attention to the weather report wouldn’t have a clue there was … Continue reading

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School beating under investigation

Sometimes children drive parents crazy. It almost seems as if misbehaving is their most persistent role in their early years. But Angela Luben* mother of two preteen girls says she’d prefer to ground them, confine them to their rooms or … Continue reading

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Abramovich’s yacht spotted in St Lucia!

If you’re in the Soufriere area, a grand yacht may have caught your eye. Perhaps you wondered who it belonged to… Word is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s mega yacht was spotted near Jade Mountain today. Abramovich is known outside Russia … Continue reading

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Masked men open fire on neighbourhood

The spent shell from a 12-gauge shotgun picked up in Bois Patat following a shooting that sent residents running for their lives. After Alfred Richard, also known as ‘Ding Ding’ of Bois Patat was killed in the Prime Minister Stephenson … Continue reading

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Rider of motorcycle in serious condition

Traffic to and from Castries came to an abrupt halt on Friday, January 15 near the American Drywall Building in Vide Boutielle as two young men became the island’s latest accident victims. At about 4pm, just about the time when … Continue reading

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Canaries still suffering from Tomas

Almost every St Lucian knows what it feels like to live with no water flowing through their pipes—at least for a couple days. Having to resort to collecting rainwater, or transporting water from places where it is available to your … Continue reading

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Media colleagues of Sean Phillips recall his resilient spirit

Respect for the human person proceeds by way of respect for the principle that everyone should look upon his neighbour—without any exception—as another self.” This was the Sean Phillips’ outlook on life and he made sure everyone who was close … Continue reading

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Bieber fan gets opportunity of a lifetime!

Therese Monplaisir didn’t know what to think when her daughter emerged from the Big Chef restaurant trembling. Minutes before 11-year-old Tianah Foster had been having dinner with her family at the new Spices of India restaurant in the Bay Walk … Continue reading

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Three missing bikes in wharf robbery recovered!

Where could the missing motorcycles possibly be? That was the question facing top brass at the Customs and Excise Department this week after six seized motorcycles that were being kept in a container on the Castries Wharf went missing. From … Continue reading

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The Jet Blue fair fare philosophy!

JetBlue is set to make its mark in St Lucia in a big way. The airline has been operating in St Lucia for just over a year and in December, there was already talk of increasing service to St Lucia … Continue reading

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