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Property tycoon guilty of perverting the course of justice!

Described by the Ramsahoye Commission as “the moving figure behind the Hyatt Regency Resort” that went bust less than two years after it opened for business, Gavin French is facing a prison sentence in his native UK. According to British … Continue reading

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No breaks for criminals, says newly tough Attorney General!

Let me say from the onset that the majority of our attorneys general have never been particularly famous for their demonstrated creativity. I dare to say the popular perception is that the lawyers who’ve headed the attorney general’s office were … Continue reading

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The fail-safe answer to crime in the New Year!

Once upon a time not so long ago observers of local politics readily acknowledged him as the epitome of everything wonderful: young and married with one child, he was a former math teacher who had selflessly given up tutoring at … Continue reading

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What does Domino’s Pizza know that the cops don’t?

It’s a safe bet that if you live in a relatively small but crime-ridden society sooner or later the big bad wolf behind a balaclava mask will appear on your doorstep, teeth bared. For the most part, what I know … Continue reading

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