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Babonneau Stabbing Leaves Owner of “Pork City” Dead


Police statement:

Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 41-year-old, Sylvester Joseph popularly known as “Ieesh” of Paix-Bouche, Babonneau in the quarter of Castries.

Reports indicate that about 12:30pm, on Saturday the 6th of November, 2010, Joseph who was the proprietor of “Pork City” at Babonneau was at his business place when he got involved in an altercation with a male relative who allegedly stabbed him in the chest in the process.

He was taken to the Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead. A young man is presently in police custody in connection with this incident.


8 Responses to Babonneau Stabbing Leaves Owner of “Pork City” Dead

  1. bajah says:

    well for all those who believed that this tragedy which the island experienced would loosen on the crime level, think again, a hungry man is an angry man or should i say a thirsty man is an angry man. Frustration causes people to react in unusual ways. I’m not in support of the crime and to be honest u lucians its high time they bring back the death penalty.

    Also i wanted to ask what is the success rate of someone surviving a stab wound and someone surviving a gunshot wound because i have noticing that most of the stabbing incidents results in death and whereas more persons are surviving gunshot wounds. Is it because the response to a gunshot is quicker than that of stabbing. I don’t know, or maybe our stabbers are just really good. que sé yo. just an observation.

  2. Jon-i-boy says:

    Being a uk citizen who has a house in St lucia I am so impressed with my neighbours and the help and support they offer. It is so sad that incidents like this occur and that young people feel that they have to carry weapons and use them without thought to consequences. Unfortunately this is something that happens every minute of every day in the Uk and it is terrible to think this poison is infiltrating this Island paradise. I believe the answer is with parents taking a very strong and serious stand with the support of schools and teachers, before it grows out of hand. The solution to all problems lies within us all, we all need to look in the mirror and accept responsibilty for what occurs in our life. I hear too many people focusing on the problem but very few focusing on fast effective solutions.

  3. Tiniker says:

    After what St Lucia has just expereinced you would think, that some people would stop to think, whats the point? Fighting for land that can be easily washed away in the blink of an eye. Life is so much more important, and it is a gift from God. We need to love each other more, unite as the wonderful nation we are. Have we not learnt anything? This deeply concerns me.

  4. shima-shea timothee says:

    It is heart breaking to learn of this after all stlucia is going through. We are still trying to re cooperate for this disaster there are still so many people missing. And instead of us working in unity to make stlucia the paradise it once was here we stand with anger and hatred and disgust towards each other. Ending a life only so u can begin your new life locked up and we are humans and we are said to be rational when u think about what just happened was it really worth it????? R.I.P Ieesh and stlucians. Please think before you act not all your actions bring great relief and satisfaction it can also cause everlasting pain and regret.

  5. jrichards says:

    you would think after that devastating hurricane people would think and realize that time is at hand so they could fall on they face to ask God mercy on their souls. but no wickedness prevails in they heart and minds. when will we repent turn away from our wicked ways. and serve God. the devil has a strong hold on many lives unfortunately. How ever Jesus is coming soon to put and end with all our wicked ways hope we are ready for dreadful and glorious day. there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth .and some will end up in the lake of fire. Lucian’s wake up before it’s to late

    • peti mo says:

      god…..devil……..helps those who knock their respective doors …….we all have a free will………i will repeat….99% of lucians are humble,hospitable and wonderful……..the few rotten eggs however do stink………cheers

  6. tenny says:

    I agree, We have become a nation of “haters’ some use a knife. Some use a pen. Some a mike. In the end we turn on each other and fight each other down. We need to change that attitude. Lets really learn to love each other all over again. Its never too late

  7. Suzie says:

    Why is it that we have so many angry people walking around these days in St.lucia. If we just take a few seconds to think we will save our lives and others. People in our country these day are to quick to turn violent. This young man has ruined his life and taken someone elses life. We needed to tackle this problem head on, the people of this nation, the leaders, the authorities. Our nation is under attack and we need to rally the troops and start the battle. It is not to late for us.

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