Baby’s body found in Soufriere river!

Bibianus Joseph, a Soufriere resident could hardly believe his eyes when he stumbled upon quite an unexpected discovery while going about his business on Thursday afternoon. According to the middle-aged man, he’d just left work and felt the need to use the bathroom. There was no rest room in sight, so Joseph decided to take advantage of nature’s ever-convenient ‘bathroom’ when he was shocked at what he saw.
“I went under the bridge by the river and I saw something in the river,” he said. “I approached it and went to see what was really there. I saw a guy passing and he told me to move from there.”
The Soufriere man says upon making the discovery at around 4:20pm on Thursday afternoon he went on a rock to make sure he was truly seeing what he thought he was.
“I went closer and was there watching it,” he said. “It looked like a baby’s body that was already partially decomposed. When I noticed what it looked like I went to tell people about it and then police came.
“The police questioned me but I could not answer any questions,” he said. “The body was unidentifiable.”
On Friday afternoon, a release issued to the media by the police press relations department stated: “On Thursday, April 26 about 5:30pm acting upon information received, Soufriere police proceeded to a river in Fond Se Jacques where a fetus was discovered.
“A medical exam was conducted and determined the fetus to have been about four months. No one has been arrested in relation to the matter. Investigations are ongoing.”

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