Bieber fan gets opportunity of a lifetime!

Tianah Foster gets her picture every little girl wants with Justin Bieber, with a little help[ from dedicated mom Therese Monplaisir.

Therese Monplaisir didn’t know what to think when her daughter emerged from the Big Chef restaurant trembling. Minutes before 11-year-old Tianah Foster had been having dinner with her family at the new Spices of India restaurant in the Bay Walk Mall. It was about 9pm when her mother granted her permission to go say hello to her sister who worked at Big Chef.

“Mommy, mommy, I’m going to cry!” were the first words out of young Tianah’s mouth.

Still confused the girl’s mother pressed on: “Calm down, calm down, what is going on?”

“Mommy, he’s inside, he’s inside, at the roundtable at the back; you know the table?” her daughter responded barely able to catch her breath. “Justin Bieber is inside! Mommy he’s there having dinner.”

Her mother responded: “Oh my God, let’s go in.”

Therese Monplaisir had been driven to expedition mode by her daughter and friends who all made it their personal mission to find and get a picture with Justin Bieber ever since news came out that the teen star was on island.  Four mothers and fathers, in four vehicles each filled with at least six children had spent New Years Eve driving down to Marigot. They’d gotten word that the teen star was docked there on a private yacht and decided to attempt to meet him.

“I had stuff to do, I put everything on hold because my daughter so badly wanted to see this Justin Bieber,” said Monplaisir. “That’s how we spent New Year’s Eve, trying to find ‘the Bieber.’ We didn’t see him that day. Apparently he was there, he was on the boat. The manager said he wasn’t there so I don’t know if he was really there or not. We found out he’d been on the sky rides and somebody told us recently he was at Discovery but we don’t know.”

The Justin Bieber search party went home utterly disappointing that night, particularly Tianah Foster. Just when she was about to give up on seeing her favourite singer of all time, Tianah happened to be at the right place at the right time on Thursday night.

She and her mother finally got the change to come face to face with Bieber and his mother and other dinner companions just as they were about to leave the Big Chef restaurant.

We went back in to see if Lauren would be able to arrange a picture or whatever,” Therese Monplaisir said. “When they walked out of the restaurant we went out as well and they were very nice. Even his bodyguard—both Justin and the bodyguard were exceptionally nice.”

By now most people would have already heard about the drama that’s been unfolding with Bieber fans ever since pictures with the teen star and his new ‘sweetheart’ made their way to the Internet. Just for hanging out with Bieber, Selena Gomez has made her way to the Justin Bieber fan ‘hit list.’

When Justin first got here, his mother was nowhere in the picture, but celebrity blogs have been reporting that his mother Pattie Lynn got to St Lucia as fast as possible to prevent her son from getting into any further controversy—and to pry 16-year-old Justin from Selena Gomez and ground him. Rumours are that Justin’s mother had insisted that the two stay in separate villas on their New Year holiday in
St Lucia. Guess those grounding rules don’t really restrict him from dining out on the town!

“Selena Gomez wasn’t there with him,” Therese continued. “Apparently she’d already left but his mum was there and there was another lady with the mum; they were very smiley. They said goodnight when they went into the taxi. We met them because they were waiting and the taxi hadn’t come for them yet. They were just outside—he was in disguise. He had on the hoodie and big sunglasses. The photos were taken right outside Big Chef with my cell phone.”

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