Black Independence Day?

Lately social media is a way of reaching a large group of people sometimes of like mind. We have seen protests the world over start because of a note on email, facebook or twitter. Could the same happen in St Lucia?

An email to our inbox titled: “Save Fair Helen” called for a protest of the crime situation on Independence Day, February 22nd. Although the author is unknown the email is circulating to St Lucians at home and abroad and has drawn reaction from some who agree or disagree with the form of protest on a day that should be celebrated.

Reads the Email, that calls for wearing black or flying a black flag on Independence Day: “St Lucia our leaders need to hear us loud and clear. They are not getting the message that we are fed up with the crime situation. We need to stand together, all of us, forget what party you support and think about St Lucia! Our country is hurting and asking for our help. If our leaders will not do it we have to do it ourselves. Politicians and their selfish motives are getting us no where. The marking of Independence on Tuesday February 22 is an opportunity to let our voices be heard. Our leaders will go through the motions of organizing rallies for the same youth they have abandoned. Let them know we see through those smokescreens. Our youth are dying!

Fly a black flag on Independence Day for those who have died in this ongoing gang war. Fly a black flag St Lucia to let criminals know they are killing fair Helen and this must stop.

“Fly a black flag and let us offer each other the support needed to overcome this. Let us not be afraid to let our voices be heard! Let us help to bring criminals to justice. If you know someone has done a crime or has a gun, or is selling drugs report it! Let us not be part of the problem. Let us not be afraid to testify in court. Let us protect each other.
“Fly a black flag to let our leaders know enough is enough! Enough empty promises, do something now! Put the programs you promised in place now! Give the police what they need to do their jobs!
Fly a black flag if you are tired of living in fear! Fly a black flag and say no more killing!”

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