Bus Drivers Appreciation Day


Joshua Lennie shares his thoughts on bus drivers

Written By Joshua Lennie, (7 years old)

I believe that all St Lucians should come together to show appreciation to all minibus drivers by celebrating in “Bus Drivers Appreciation Day.”
I thought about this because bus drivers provide a very valuable service to the public island-wide. People should not only think about the bus fare paid to the drivers for taking them from one place to another but the availability and reliability of the service. Bus drivers must also continue to ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable. I have noticed that bus drivers are organized by the way they schedule their shifts at the bus stands which I think is a good system.
I hope that all bus drivers through this initiative will deliver improved customer service and mutual respect will be established between passengers and divers.
I would like to see a “Bus driver of the month” or year selected by Route Ban. I am hoping the petrol stations can give them prizes like free petrol for receiving this award and other businesses can support this celebration and initiative yearly.
I would also like other private vehicle owners to “Get on The Bus” if they are going into Castries on business so there can be less traffic jams in the city and the main highways particularly at rush hours and for emergency purposes because some roads are very narrow and the emergency vehicles can experience delays and difficulties getting through traffic.  I would like to see more adequate bus shelters at the community level for passengers as they wait.
At the main bus Terminals Island wide and Castries, a ticketing system would also help to improve the bus service so drivers and passengers will not have to deal with cash. Thank you for your participation and support. My name is Joshua Lennie , I am seven years old and I would like to see a better St Lucia.
Do you like the idea of The Mini Bus Driver’s Appreciation Day?
Get on The Bus!

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