Calls for former Vincie registrar to be disbarred?

Questions are still being raised in St. Vincent and the Grenadines about last month’s sudden resignation of former registrar of the High Court, Saint Lucian born Tamara Gibson-Marks. Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan demanded Gibson-Marks’ resignation during a meeting on May 21.

Marks reportedly left St. Vincent the day after her resignation.

The STAR has learned that earlier this week the leader of the St Vincent opposition Arnhim Eustace wrote to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves about the resignation. Gonsalves was quoted in his island’s press as saying that the Attorney General, Commissioner of Police and Director of Audit are involved in an investigation surrounding Gibson-Marks’ resignation.

A source in St. Vincent told The STAR Eustace suggested “disbarment proceedings” to Gonsalves as “your starting point, is putting the cart before the horse.” Eustace has been calling on the government to provide in the first place details of the resignation.

He asked the Prime Minister, who is also Minister of Legal Affairs, to say whether Gibson-Marks had submitted false court orders to any bank in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to justify the withdrawal of funds, and if so, how many such false court orders were submitted and the amounts withdrawn. Additionally the STAR has been informed that the Attorney General is seeking to have Gibson-Marks disbarred.

Eustace also has claimed that under the Gonsalves administration there have been several instances of official corruption in many areas of government.

“Given the sudden resignation and flight of the Registrar,” he added,
“and the issue of whether there is any allegation of wrong doing on her part, the question of professional disciplinary proceedings being initiated by the Attorney General does nothing to answer the mounting questions by the general public that quite rightly deserve to see the administration of justice in our nation with an even hand.”

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3 Responses to Calls for former Vincie registrar to be disbarred?

  1. fact says:

    the fact is, she was occupying a position which requires integrity. If she’s been found to be thieving then in most normal countries:

    a) the police would arrest her and charge her with the offence
    b) she should would be barred from serving in any public office ever again.

    It’s not difficult. Make sure she doesn’t come back to st lucia. Don’t need any more bandits.

  2. SimpleandTrue says:

    Her labor party counterparts will ensure that she finds employment. As always with every bobolist of high social birth this too shall be swept under the rug by Kenny and his cohorts. Don’t be surprised if she is allowed to practice Law in st. lucia regardless of SVG’s decision.

  3. Sudden resignation and flight enough said. There you have it for those patriotic protectors. I wonder how long it took her to cross the channel.

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