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And They Say We’re Not An Inventive People!


So much ado about nothing! Remember? A mindless promo appears online, in the form of a press release from a hotel in which Saint Lucia’s prime minister has shareholder interests. The release is pulled mere hours after it first appeared. … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for Juk Bois!


It’s not often we find ourselves in a position to brag about being the first to accomplish something in the OECS, let alone in the whole Caribbean. But suddenly, there we are, with enough evidence to convince the worst skeptics, … Continue reading

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My Kingdom for Woman in the PM’s Chair!


Last weekend I reluctantly got caught up in a centuries-old debate about women and leadership, specifically political leadership. To say my input in the discourse was as generic as my male counterparts’ would be an understatement. How many times has … Continue reading

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Pissin’ In Our Own Damn Eyes


            In his well known idiosyncratic take-no prisoners fashion, Rick Wayne has consistently—some might say, unnecessarily—reminded regular viewers of TALK that he is “an equal opportunity ass kicker.” He repeated himself on Thursday evening, while … Continue reading

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Regional Johnnie Cochrans Promise Suspended Reporter Free Services!


It seemed more than a little odd, not to say alarming, that a recent state visit by Indian muckamucks drew no media coverage whatsoever. And before you jump on your high ass horse and start calling me a liar, let … Continue reading

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How Long Before Untold Stories Get Told?

Photo caption: For every mystery, there is someone, somewhere, who knows the untold story! Like the victim in the play, for instance.

If perchance Mr. Matthew washed you away from your regular circumstances, chances are you haven’t yet heard the government has finally hooked a big fish (big sucker?) of a DPP. Yes, he’s just playing a role but an acting DPP … Continue reading

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Eye Spy ~ Step into my parlour said the spider to Matthew!

If you thought spiders could fly, now you know better!

Whether or not we admit it, we all feel safer knowing there is someone looking out for us in times of bad weather. And I’m not talking about the man upstairs who, I am told, is responsible for all things … Continue reading

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Eye Spy ~ Media Sans Honte

Will Tyrion get angry and make his mark on sweet ‘ole Helen?

Among the things I love about this country is the quality entertainment dished out unwittingly by its politicians, the general public—and now the media. I was especially tickled by the tail end of a news clip featuring our peripatetic PM … Continue reading

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Eye Spy ~ Some Stories Best Untold!

The real stories are the ones the film director is yet to tell but the ladies 
with ice packs and 9-month-old receipts are there to show!

True enough, charity begins at home. Or so said Sir Thomas Browne, back in 1642. But by “home” I doubt Sir Tom, who wrote Religio Medici, referred to a whole country. Few would complain about charity that is your own … Continue reading

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Eye Spy ~ When Ms Looshan met Harry . . . or was it his Dad?

The ginger-haired prince has been voted the world’s hottest male royal!

From time to time I succumb to the temptation to visit the swamp known as “social media”, despite that there’s nothing you might dream up more anti-social. It’s my job, you understand. And sometimes it involves going where angels fear … Continue reading

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Eye Spy – The Mold That Won’t Go Away


It thrives in damp, warm, and humid environments. A major problem that just refuses to go away. Like that other State Department thing. It comes in a variety of guises: whether in our homes, in places outdoors or in bathrooms, … Continue reading

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Eye Spy ~ Around the World in 100 Days


Lately I’ve been poking around my collection of childhood novels with a strange feeling that I am missing the presence of someone I am really never around, but somehow know that they should be around. During my novella nostalgia, I … Continue reading

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Eye spy ~ The Gods Must Be Crazy!


To any Greek god worthy of his tutu, stealing to benefit mankind had to be the mother of all betrayals. You can well imagine, then, how pissed off Zeus was upon discovering the Titan Prometheus had stolen fire from Mount … Continue reading

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Eye SPY ~ The valued file distinguishes man from manicoo!


You’d think Shakespeare would be the last source anyone would approach on the subject of dogs. True? Who’d expect a guy crazy enough to have written dumb lines like “to be or not to be, that is the question” to … Continue reading

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He’s been saying it for some time, if not nearly as often or as loudly as in the last few weeks: that he is indeed his brothers’ keeper. At any rate, as in blood brothers. Which is not to say … Continue reading

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Spiders & Flies

A-M u s i n g s

Musings are thoughts, the thoughtful kind. For the purpose of these articles, a-musings are thoughts that might amuse, entertain and even enlighten.

There are other things to life than politics. Mary Howitt wrote “The Spider and the Fly” that could conveniently serve as a “Voters’Guide” even today. Mary mixed with many important literary figures including Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, Elizabeth Barrett Browning … Continue reading

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When you can no longer count on the justice system, what’s left?

Errol Alexander (centre), in his role as acting police commissioner, addresses, with leading members 
of the force, questions from local media personnel. The unanswered question remains:
How much of what he says is worth the paper it’s scripted on?

Since the curious “voluntary” early retirement of Commissioner Vernon Francois last year, the RSLPF has been fronted by Acting Commissioner Errol Alexander. In addition to a vacancy for the post of commissioner, there are several vacancies in the executive ranks … Continue reading

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Is this the final straw for Saint Lucia?

Left - Prime Minister Kenny Anthony: Did he on Sunday bite off a whole lot more than he can possibly swallow? While he claimed the IMPACS report contains “extremely damning” information, while he named names on the one hand and on the other, the prime minister also said investigations were continuing even as the DPP was studying the unreleased IMPACS document.

Right - Senator Patrick Leahy: He sponsored the Leahy amendment that prohibits the State Department from providing assistance to foreign countries that do not respect human rights. Assistance is denied until the governments of such countries take effective steps to bring responsible individuals to justice. Security force units that have been denied U.S. assistance include those of Bolivia, Colombia, Turkey, Guatemala and since 2012 Saint Lucia.

Hard to believe, the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce was once a nightmarish horned and saber-toothed creature capable of bringing powerful politicians to their knees at the heart-stopping sound of a hiccup. The grim brothers George and Jon Odlum and … Continue reading

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Caribbean leaders welcome new chapter in US-Cuba relations

Cuban President Raúl Castro introduces himself to his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, in South Africa in December, 2013. The two men actually shake hands.

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders on Wednesday welcomed the new chapter in diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba with St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves describing the event as one “’of earth shattering proportions”. President … Continue reading

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Kenny declares war on Chastanets!

SLP leader and prime minister Kenny Anthony: At his party’s latest convention he didn’t miss a beat—or did he?

I would not be at all surprised to discover most Saint Lucians under eighteen have not the slightest idea who was George F. L. Charles, let alone that Henry Giraudy was chairman of the United Workers Party for most of … Continue reading

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