Net Neutrality was high on the agenda at an inter-governmental CTU Executive Council meeting in Antigua earlier this month with attendees zeroing in on the issue of the impact of Net Neutrality on investment in the region. Commenting on the … Continue reading

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Bryan Auguste’s Mission to Heal a Nation

Bryan Auguste started writing in 1998 and hasn’t stopped since. The Saint Lucian author who resides in Canada is the author of multiple faith-oriented, Christian books. In our interview this week the author told the STAR his book ‘Who is … Continue reading

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Royalton Opens Officially, In Grand Style

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy, members of the Saint Lucian government, and other specially invited guests were all in attendance at Royalton Resort & Spa’s Grand Opening. The proceedings started with a cocktail reception, after which … Continue reading

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BIT Awards Take Centre Stage at Sandals La Toc

On Saturday, March 18, Sandals Grande La Toc played host to the first ever BIT Awards. BIT, or Businesses in Thanksgiving, is described by organizers as “a revolutionary movement in Corporate Saint Lucia designed to engender goodwill in the business … Continue reading

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Love in Progress

Imet him on a random night at a street party. I was with a girlfriend. He complimented me as I walked past on one of the less crowded streets. I smiled and kept walking. I thought he looked fine, but … Continue reading

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WALCOTT: Caribbean Colossus

Derek Walcott, by his work, achieved three colossal feats: firstly he wrote about the Caribbean landscape in such a way as to magnify it. Not only did he give our landscape a certain epic status, he also conferred on it … Continue reading

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Sir Derek Walcott Passed on the Torch

To speak with Sir Derek Walcott would have also been to feel his undeniable, untainted love for Saint Lucia. His work in literature and theatre, his conversation and his representation, testified his dedication to developing the arts. With Nobel Prize … Continue reading

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Sir Derek Alton Walcott: A Tribute on Behalf of the Literary and Theatre Community

It is no small honour in life to be asked on some special occasion to speak on behalf of a friend; be it at a wedding, or at the courthouse, even at a funeral. These occurrences will and do happen … Continue reading

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Lucille Mathurin Mair, a formidable woman of Jamaican birth, distinguished herself in Saint Lucia in the early 1950s by the manner she taught, dressed and carried herself, with class and decorum. She did much more than impart knowledge. She set … Continue reading

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Are Local Internet Cafés Breaching Customer Confidentially?

It wouldn’t be uncommon to sign onto a computer at an Internet café, for what number of reasons might have led you there, to find that the person before you had forgotten to sign out of their email or other … Continue reading

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Quarry Explosion Kills Three Workers!

Several alarmed residents in the Cul-de-Sac and Odsan areas, as well as further afield, on Tuesday called the National Emergency Management Organization to report and seek advice about what they believed was an earthquake. Others referred to a blast that … Continue reading

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The attempt by SLP members and their friends to cast a dark cloud of opposition on this island is not new. It has been tried before with marginal success. The truth is that such darkness has been perceived by the … Continue reading

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STAR Trivia

How much do you keep up with the news? For the past four weeks we’ve been testing the memories of our readers with the STAR’s first ever trivia challenge, to which we’ve received loads of responses. Thank you to everyone … Continue reading

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Editor’s Letter

Iremember the horror with which I beheld my CXC examinations results upon realizing I’d passed for enrolment at a particular school. It wasn’t so much the school itself that bothered me. The reason I panicked had to do with a … Continue reading

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Amusings: Trumped Up Charges

Irecently came across a 2016 Youtube video by John Oliver, the British comedian/satirist in which he unleashed a scathing 22-minute-long critique of Donald Trump, ripping apart Trump supporters’ claims that he is honest and tough with example after example of … Continue reading

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Deceased Julius and Randy Joseph Deserve Much Better!

It’ll come as no surprise that very little was written by other local newspapers about the October 1993 debacle that claimed the lives of two young farmhands, Randy and Julius Joseph, and seriously wounded several other people, among them curious … Continue reading

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3 Confirmed Dead After Quarry Explosion, 4 Highly Critical

The Government Information Services and the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) hosted a joint press conference this afternoon at the television studio of the Government Information Service. The purpose of the conference was to inform the media and the public … Continue reading

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Massive Explosion in Cul De Sac

About 5:30 p.m. this afternoon residents in Cul de Sac and surrounding areas report hearing and feeling an explosion so powerful that it shook their homes. The blast was reportedly felt in areas including Bexon, Rockhall, Entrepot, Ti Rocher, Marigot, … Continue reading

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Finding Peace Through Heartbreak

Recently, a single comment in a Ted-Talk interview by BJ Miller caught my attention. I don’t recall the context, or what he was talking about exactly, but I do remember I had been struggling to deal with a painful breakup … Continue reading

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  Ange Fontinelle wants to make Saint Lucia a better place to live. The 17-year old student of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College is studying hard to become an Environmental Economist; a job he laughingly admits is not one … Continue reading

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