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The enslaver in your mirror!

A couple weeks ago some nice people (not to be confused with our publicly funded most gifted thespians) invited me to “participate” in, as I recall, a discussion of Emancipation and “the Search for a Saint Lucian identity.” My knee-jerk … Continue reading

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Is archbishop guilty of inappropriate behavior?

This week the news centered not on our declared $208.8 million dollars overall deficit; not on the proposed-denied public-salary pay cuts; not on the almost daily fatal shootings and alleged suicides. Of course, it had been decided almost from the … Continue reading

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The emperor stands naked!

Obviously it never was a laughing matter that for some time now we’ve known we were in more trouble than we could possibly handle on our own—but pretended otherwise. It never was funny that we continued masochistically to inflict on … Continue reading

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Here we go again, another Word War!

At some point during his Thursday morning contribution to the House budget debate the MP for Southeast Castries, Guy Joseph, referenced the government’s recent decision to “zero rate VAT on prescription medication,” while retaining taxes on, to quote the prime … Continue reading

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Another killing in Paradise! Why are we always the last to know?

Where have all the soldiers gone, long time passing? Where have all the soldiers gone, long time ago? Where have all the soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards, everyone. Oh, when will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn? … Continue reading

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Forget the consultants, Kenny summons the singing visionaries!

I have no way of knowing precisely what Paul Simon was thinking when he wrote You Can Call Me Al, in particular the line about his not wanting to “end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.” For several years … Continue reading

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Is Kenny paying UWP to eat itself?

  Now let me try to get this right: the host of a show called Straight Up—which has never denied it’s bent politically—reveals to its largely Red Zone audience his latest acquisition: by hook or crook, his agents have intercepted … Continue reading

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Is the Tony in Kenny & Tony really Astaphan with a nosejob?

Whatever else concerned Saint Lucians may say of the Dominican gadfly, he serves not only as further proof of the effeteness of our own attorney general’s office but also as a garrulous indicator of the prime minister’s established disdain for … Continue reading

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How dark must it get before Kenny stars start to shine?

If further proof were needed of the immeasurable arrogance, unconscionable profligacy, unabashed ineptitude and plain unabashed sans honte that have rendered a hundred times worse the multiple effects of the economic crisis on the trusting people of the OECS, the … Continue reading

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VAT was never inevitable!

Nothing nauseates me more than the sound of largely uninformed lazy newscasters, talk-radio hosts and their more obvious hack relatives (who like swamp mosquitoes live off the blood of others), holding forth on the issue of VAT. Always, their opening … Continue reading

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A son of bitch regardless!

Whenever I feel convinced I’ve seen and heard it all, something new always pops up to jolt me back to reality. Consider our prime minister’s recent televised revelation of what had long been common knowledge: his government’s continuing diplomatic relationship, … Continue reading

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We ignored the writing on the wall and now . . .

Count on it, even before he has arrived at my second paragraph some wiseass will be asking: “Where he goin’ widdat? We hear alladat arreddy. Tell us something we eh know.” It’s the national reaction to inconvenient truth: Several years … Continue reading

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Are suspects now guilty until proven innocent?

When will our prime minister get his speechwriters and fact checkers to understand that what he is made to say, and how he is made to appear, can have serious implications for Saint Lucians the world over, not the least … Continue reading

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Who is LaCorbiniere’s crime target?

Throughout the weekend I took several calls from Saint Lucians at home and abroad who wanted to know how I’d rated Bill Clinton’s recent endorsement of Barack Obama at the DNC national convention, as well as the current president’s own … Continue reading

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Gays and Kenneth John’s drowning?

I believe it was Franz Fanon who said, in effect, that when the people are convinced they have no defense against their oppressors they turn on themselves. The Martinique-born, French-Algerian psychiatrist, philosopher and writer came to mind on Wednesday as … Continue reading

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Nothing funnier than humor unintended!

Lest we forget, the 2011 general elections were not without their moments of levity, intended and otherwise. Who could possibly forget The Red-Zone shows? Only in Saint Lucia, you say? Well, yes and no. Fox News and MSNBC are not … Continue reading

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It’s not so much what’s said as when it’s said!

The prime minister was in top form at the closing of last Friday’s House session, especially while responding to the Leader of the Opposition’s suggestion that someone other than himself was to blame for last year’s erroneous GDP growth figures. … Continue reading

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What if Peter had to pay for Paul?

Let’s give Peter Foster his jacket: it’s been some time, longer than even I can recall, since we had a House session as irenic as last week’s. Who or what was responsible for the welcome change? The revisited Standing Orders … Continue reading

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