Cathedral Killers Tell Their Story

After a hold was placed on the episode of Untold Stories detailing the events surrounding the 2000 Cathedral massacre here, as told by those who committed the heinous act, the chilling part one of the television show was broadcast here this week. Originally scheduled to air on Monday April 20, local television stations were served a letter from the office of the registrar quoting a section of the law pertaining to contempt of court. After careful review, both the TV stations and the producer Dale Elliot were advised that the matter was not contemptuous since the accused had been found guilty by a jury and were simply awaiting sentencing by a judge. However, the TV stations involved proceeded cautiously and awaited the final judgement.

On Friday April 24 the two men accused of setting fire to worshippers 15 years ago were sentenced to life imprisonment. The men – Kim John and Francis Phillip – were sentenced in the aftermath of the December 31, 2000 tragedy when they stormed into the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Castries, dousing worshippers with gasolene and setting them on fire.

They also bludgeoned Sister Theresa Egan, 73, to death and Rev. Charles Gaillard, 62, died from severe burns to his body. The men had pleaded guilty to manslaughter after the Privy Council overturned their death sentence for murder.

In the Untold Stories episode the two are interviewed by the show’s host as they detail their decision to commit the act. They also speak of their childhood, joining the Rastafarian faith and the final moments before walking into the church that fateful morning.

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