Chastanet Returns to Soufriere!

Some might’ve imagined the recently elected prime minister of Saint Lucia had no good reason to be particularly generous to the people of Soufriere. His first venture as an election candidate back in 2011 had started there with much enthusiasm and ended disastrously under a broken bridge. But Allen Chastanet has always maintained his interest in the town’s development, despite several rebuffs by the man who had turned his dream into a nightmare: Harold Dalsan.

Clearly the sky's the limit for PM Allen Chastanet (pictured with Taiwanese ambassador Ray Hua-Wei Mou) when it comes to southern development.

Clearly the sky’s the limit for PM Allen Chastanet (pictured with Taiwanese ambassador Ray Hua-Wei Mou) when it comes to southern development.

On Thursday Chastanet returned to Sulphur City, this time as leader of the nation’s government. Accompanying him on the special occasion was the Taiwanese ambassador Ray Mou, Soufriere MP Herod Stanislaus, Senator Fortuna Belrose, and other ministry officials. They visited Taiwan-funded projects under construction and convened several impromptu talk-ins with residents, among them the proprietor of one of Soufriere’s more popular restaurants, The Hummingbird.

The prime minister later acknowledged that as interesting as were his exchanges with residents, what gave him the most pleasure was interacting with the town’s young people. The very next day Chastanet announced a new multi-million-dollar project expected to get underway in Soufriere in a few months.


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One Response to Chastanet Returns to Soufriere!

  1. Duh ! ! ! Of course he has always maintained an interest in Soufriere Oh my we are so “shocked “. A business man with a business plan part of his blueprint. I am quite sure he has a pop up art of it somewhere in some back room. Well Mr. Walcott Bo hoo hoo hoo cry me a river, because Soufriere is now an open house. Uncle Butch and others with “vested interest” must be rubbing their hands with glee and chanting that old emancipated Negro verse “Gasa ! I just hope dat man don’t forget bout mi”.

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