For the first time ever The 31st Annual 2014 ITF Junior International Tennis Tournament sponsored by Du Boulays Bottling Company Limited has a corporate partner, which can only further enhance the prestige of this competition.

The head table along with sponsors and players at Thursday’s ITF Junior International Coca-Cola Tennis Tournament press conference at the National Tennis Centre.

The head table along with sponsors and players at Thursday’s ITF Junior International Coca-Cola Tennis Tournament press conference at the National Tennis Centre.

During a press conference Thursday morning at the National Tennis Centre, plans were unveiled for this year’s competition. However what took centre stage was the announcement that LIME would also be a joint sponsor.

Having LIME on board is certainly a welcome addition. From its inception, Du Boulay’s Bottling Company Limited (bottlers of coca-cola) have been the sponsors of this tournament, which continues to attract players all over the world.

In recent times though, Managing Director of Du Boulay’s Bottling Company Limited, Dunstan Du Boulay hinted that it has become a rather expensive proposition staging the tournament and no doubt is delighted to have LIME on board.

During his brief remarks Vice President of the St Lucia Tennis Association (SLTA), Trevor Hunte said: “The tournament is very important to St Lucia for several reasons. From a sports tourism aspect it attracts several countries.”

From entries received so far there are over 25 countries participating.

Officiating has also been a costly venture. For the first time the SLTA is employing local referees, who were trained by ITF officials two years ago. It will definitely be a cost saving factor.

Another first is the use of ball boys which Hunte referred to as “a drastic change for the betterment of the tournament.”

Like he has done so many times before, Du Boulay expressed pride and joy that this tournament which had humble beginnings, has developed into a major international fixture.

He said: “It is a phenomenal achievement of which I am extremely proud. It is with great pleasure that I make this further announcement, that LIME has partnered with us to sponsor this year’s tournament and hopefully in the future.”

Charlene Jn Baptise better known as CJ who is with the Marketing and Communications Department at LIME said: “We are thrilled to be part of this year’s tournament and for the first time in 31 years it will be called the 2014 ITF Junior Coca-Cola Tennis Tournament powered by Coca-Cola and LIME.”

Jn Baptiste went on to say: “LIME is a company that prides itself on connecting people. It is our business, this is what we do connection. Connecting people through tennis and sports is just another way we look to connect the communities.”

Youth and Development Officer responsible for tennis In the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, Ligorious Marquis, expressed his thanks to both sponsors and said: “We at the ministry are always pleased when we have corporate sponsors coming on board to assist in the development of sports persons.”

Among the special guests at the press conference, were two individuals who have a lot to be thankful for while playing in this tournament. Alberton Richelieu who is a former two time winner of this tournament, expressed thanks to Du Boulay’s Bottling Company for giving him the opportunity to make connections all over the Caribbean in so many different ways, including business and friendship.

Turning his attention to the media Richelieu said: “I want to thank you for being here. Continue supporting the kids and make sure you showcase the talent they have.”

Then there’s Jean Phillip Murray, who is among the best in the region in the under-14 age group. He reached a career high number three in the Caribbean and Central America.

Briefly, and I mean briefly, this guy who lets his racquet do his talking appeared at the microphone and said: “I would like to say over the years my coca-cola experience has grown, because I started out not so strong and this tournament and the support from everybody helped me become a better player overall.”

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