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Common Entrance Examinations Results


Bonne Terre Prep tops Common Entrance Results


Around the island Friday nervous parents and students awaited the results of the annual Common Entrance Examinations that decide what secondary schools thousands of students would be assigned to.
The Ministry of Education released a synopsis of the overall results to the press, as follows:
The results of two thousand, eight hundred and thirty-one (2831) candidates were processed for the 2012 Common Entrance Examination.  Of these, one thousand three hundred and ninety-four (1394) were male and one thousand four hundred and thirty-seven (1437) were female.
For this year’s examination, the average composite scores ranged from 15.67% to 95.00%.
The national mean was 59.04%. One thousand four hundred and ninety-seven (1497) or 52.88% of the candidates scored at or above the national mean, while one thousand three hundred and thirty-four (1334) scored below the mean.
Two thousand, five hundred and seventy-one (2571) candidates were assigned to the twenty-three (23) secondary schools.  Two hundred and sixty (260) candidates were UNASSIGNED.
It is to be noted that candidates are deemed UNASSIGNED, if their average composite scores do not fall within the range of scores for the secondary schools of their choice.

Click Here for FULL RESULTS: 2012 CEE Synopsis2


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