Cops and Carnival

Costumed revelers weren’t the only ones in the spotlight this carnival season. Police and security officers in full uniform seemed the target for women who made it clear in more ways than one they would stop at nothing in order to get the ultimate carnival experience!
Unfortunately there wasn’t much officers could do as carnival 2012 unfolded to prevent drunk and sober carnival ladies from spontaneously demonstrating the latest Soca moves on them—or throwing themselves into precarious positions just to get that priceless, daring photo with a police officer. Usually all it took was two seconds and the officer being caught off guard and voila—a carnival masterpiece!
Well we’re pretty sure some officers were none to pleased to find their photos had been circulated all over the Internet, but to them we say, you are not alone. St Lucia isn’t alone in this occurrence and cops being caught up in parade melee is more common than you may think internationally, most notoriously in New York City. Surely you’ve heard of the famous dirty dancing New York City cops, who were praised more than anything else for their antics. The officers got caught up in the heat of the moment and now a video of the cops dancing with scantily clad women is forever sealed in Youtube history!
Mayor Bloomberg didn’t think their behaviour called for a slap on the wrist though. In his words: “It sends the message that police officers are our friends, not our enemies.”
In the St Lucia perspective, that message is indeed a vital one considering the number of times officers have been brought into focus for all the wrong reasons.
The New York Post reported Bloomberg even went as far as saying the video was a great advertisement for New York City! The mayor made mention of how common it was for tourists to get photos taken with NYC cops while anywhere else in the world (excluding St Lucia of course) people would hesitate before attempting to score a photo opportunity with a police officer.
Cops and carnival, where do you draw the line? Online bloggers had quite a bit to say when the photos surfaced on Facebook! Some felt revelers need to have better behaviour on the streets, even if it was carnival time while others didn’t quite see what the big deal was.
“We really have no respect for our officers and the officers have no respect for the uniform,” a Facebook user wrote. “He should know better. He should also be disciplined.”
Another added: “Stupid Lucians trying to imitate what they saw at Labour Day. Everyone talking about its carnival time—it is but that still does not give them the right to disrespect the officer. She should be charged for sexual harassment. If he danced with her people would classify him as a slacker and there would be so much name calling. I think it’s time the public respect the police.”
In the defense of carnival ladies everywhere: “Why should they be charged?” another wrote. “Charged for what? Who do you guys think the officer is, he is a human being just like everyone else and that’s carnival girls with all their body out getting on bad. It was up to the officer to say no.”
And finally: “His mouth and hand gesture are saying move away young lady. For the record I know him personally and professionally and he wouldn’t disrespect anyone or his uniform. We read way too much in a photo!”
Attempts to reach police commissioner Vernon Francois for comment proved futile!

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