Countdown to National Sports Awards

From L-R: Members on the Organizing Committee for the 2010 National Sports Awards Ligorious Marquis, Michael “Midget” Pierre and Saralee Williams.

Following the second in a series of meetings to update the press on the National Sports Awards on February 19 at the Gaiety, it’s become crystal clear that several sports associations in filling out nomination forms are not doing enough to enhance the stature of their athletes.Ligorious Marquis who is on the Organizing Committee, let his feelings known at the press conference on Wednesday at the Ministry of Social Transformation Conference Room. “We are very much dissatisfied with some of the associations and the information that is presented on the nomination forms. We feel sometimes the associations do not take the National Sports Awards very seriously and in the process, hinder the chances of some of the athletes.”
To rectify the situation, Marquis pointed out that later this year in preparation for next year’s sports awards, the organizing committee will meet with all national associations and the nomination forms will be one of the topics on the agenda.
How are the preparations going for the 2010 National Sports Awards? Marquis replied: “Quite smoothly. We hope come next week the judges will receive their packages to deliberate on the short list of nominees for the prestigious awards.”
He declined to mention individuals on the judging panel but did say “it consists of a combination of past journalists, past administrators and sports personalities who we figure are in a better position to deal with the selection when it comes to the prestigious awards.”
Here are the athletes who were shortlisted for the prestigious awards beginning with the junior division. Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Siona Huxley (swimming); Sandisha Antoine (Athletics); Petal Isidore (Volleyball).
Junior Sportsman of the Year (JSM): Joshua Runako Daniel (Swimming); Julian Biscette (Volleyball); Audy Alexander (Cricket).
Sportswoman of the Year (SWY): Levern Spencer (Athletics); Danielle Beaubrun (Swimming); Ellaisa Marquis (Football).
Sportsman of the Year (SMY): Darren Sammy (Cricket); Jason Octave (Volleyball); Valentius Alphonse (Domino); Julien Brice (Swimming).
Following is a complete list of athletes who were nominated by their associations for prestigious awards.
Athletics: (JSW), Sandisha Antoine; Sports Woman of the Year (SWY), Levern Spencer; Junior Sportsman (JSM), Shem Edwards; SMY, Albert Reynolds.
Basketball: JSW, Shannah Philgence; SWY, Ellaisa Marquis; JSM, Andre Loison; SMY, Marcian Claderon.
Boxing: JSM, Lyndell Marcellin; SMY, Dalton “Hurricane” George.
Cricket: JSW, Yasmine St Ange; SWY, Swayline Williams; JSM, Audi Alexander; SMY, Darren Sammy.
Cycling: JSM, Jordan Richard; SMY,
Kirk Maraj.
Darts: SWY, Theodocia Pierre; SMY, Albert Henry.
Domino: SWY, Tessa Marquis; SMY, Valentius Alphonse.
Football: JSW, Zanic Celestine; SWY, Ellaisa Marquis; JSM, Kurt Frederick; SMY, Zaccheus Polius.
Moto Cross: JSM, Carlos Mitchell; SMY, Darren Rosemond.
Netball: JSY, Joanne Anderson; SWY, Roxanne Snyder.
Sailing: JSW, Stephanie Devaux Lovell; SMY, Marcus Sweeney.
Swimming: JSW, Siona Huxley; SWY, Danielle Beaubrun; JSM, Joshua Runako Daniel; SMY, Julien Brice.
Tennis: JSW, Julia D’auvergne; JSM, Taqel Lewis.
Volleyball: JSW, Petal Isidore; SWY, Sancha Isidore; JSM, Julien Biscette; SMY, Jason Octave.
Additional awards will be presented to the various coaches and administrators. So far five coaches and four administrators have been nominated.
Basketball: Matthew Raphael (coach); Ian Mitchell (administrator). Boxing: RenaldoToledo (coach). Football: Alan Providence (coach); Vivian Ferdinand (administrator).
Swimming: Jamie Peterkin (coach); Joyce Huxley (administrator). Tennis: Stephen Marcelle (coach). Moto Cross: Terroll Compton (administrator).
In the category Association of the Year, so far five associations are vying for the honour along with the $500 prize: The St Lucia Amateur Boxing
Association, St Lucia Amateur Swimming Association, St Lucia Football Association, St Lucia National Cricket Association and
the St Lucia Volleyball Association.

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