The Day the Crayons Came Home


Every kid loves to colour so you can just imagine how perturbed a child would be if one day his crayons went missing. In this book “The Day the Crayons Came Home”, little Duncan just wants to colour at school and bring to vivid life all his wild creations on the blank pages in his classroom. However, he encounters a crayon crisis! Duncan starts his day excited at the prospect of drawing but discovers that his box of crayons is empty! His crayons have quit and run away! All that is left in his crayon box are written letters, one in each colour: green, pink, yellow, brown, blue, orange and beige. On reading them, Duncan discovers that each crayon has expressed how frustrated and upset it was about Duncan’s colouring habits. Poor little Duncan is now confused, sad and left with a massive crayon-crisis he has to resolve. He devises a plan for how he will meet every need of his crayons so that he can continue to colour and let his imagination flow freely on his papers.

The illustrations in this page-turner jump out at you with a belly full of laughter. Can you imagine how a disgruntled crayon looks?
Not only will this story have your children laughing and playing with their crayon boxes but they will learn the value of appreciating their belongings.

For the complete story and all its details, stop by The bookYard to collect your own copy! Read the letters that were left for Duncan and maybe you and your child may be able to come up with a plan that will help Duncan!
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