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Dennery tries to pick up the pieces!



The people of Dennery are still in shock over the events of the last few days which have left many homeless. Up till late yesterday STAR reporters were in Dennery getting the story and meeting with some emotional residents who only had their shoes and the clothes on their back left. Red Cross relief did little to calm them or give them hope. The full story of this ordeal will be in Saturday’s STAR.




15 Responses to Dennery tries to pick up the pieces!

  1. ragweed says:

    Use some of the money gained from Tourism to help this community.

  2. My Heart goes out to the people of Dennery. From my understanding this is not the first time that this has happened . Dennery is at the foot of the hills that surrounds it and when it rains it pours and when it pours it causes floods. Where are the enviromentalists when we need them? The dept. of the enviroment should be aware of this and should have put measures in place to avert this disaster. This was something waiting to happen. Prevention is better than cure. This could have been prevented.

    Funding should have been made available to help secure the town from the havoc the rains have caused. With a lil help from CIDA,USAID or even the Taiwanese, I am sure we would be singing a different tune right now. How about building something similiar to the Thames barrier reef here in London? An engineering marvel that’s helped significantly to minimise the risks and damage of flooding in the UK capital, and will continue to provide effective protection until at least 2030 – We need something like this in Dennery and all over St Lucia.

    These photo opportunities involving Spider Montoute and his entourage does not do it for me or the people in this eastern town. That is so typical of politicians. They come, show their faces and disappear without doing anything or trying to sort out the problem. Dennery needs people who will listen to her plight and to put things in place to avert this disaster from ever happening again. We need the engineers and structural planners back in town to ascertain the damage done and then to fix it…Its needs sorting out quick. There should not be a next time as the next time might be worst.

    Thankfully no lives was lost and we need to be eternally greatful for this –but it could be a different story should there be a repeat of this again. I applaud the people of this splendid town for the way in which they were able to handle this mayhem. They were able to reach out to each other. Hats off to Dennery!

    Malcolm l’Overture

  3. I cannot believe this, i am speechless. I just returned from home. This reminds me of Katrina. While i was there i can recall complaining to the village council about high levels of water backing up on to the back street especially at the corner where Lina leaves during high tide or heavy rain. As a concerned Dennerian with a business on that respective street, i am angry at the District Rep. This is not the first time this has happened; it also happened during hurricane Debbie. When New Orleans got devastated by hurricane Katrina the people held the government responsible, in our case the District Rep should be held accountable. This was my third time being home for the year and nothing is being done about the drainage system. It is sad that these poor people have to be going through this and it seem like the district rep is laid back about it. If i who isn’t an engineer can realize the problem then why can’t he. Fix the problem.

  4. Patriot says:

    All things political needs to be put aside when a disaster of such magnitude and of natural circumstances occur. To start a blame game instead of suggesting a solution or solutions that will help out the Dennery residence will bring no benifit to their plight. It is high time that we focus on initiatives for all natural disasters( hurricanes, floods, droughts, landslides, fires, ect.) so when they occur a constructive and effective plan would already be in place to facilitate those affected. Looking for housing, food, medicines, water, ect. ect. which is now very necessary, I deem a bit to late a call. One suggestion I have is that the telecommunication giants( Lime, Digicel) have a promotion that to every mobile phone sold to those same poor StLucians or any customer as a matter of fact, that $5.00 (five dollars) be contributed to a National Disaster Fund. Another is that every year during the StLucia Jazz Festival a NDF show is held featuring our entertainers but highlighting our fragile nature to the elements.The monies raised can be used to kick start some of these disaster iniciatives. Any more suggestions anyone? Do wish the Dennery people and the rest of StLucia God’s guidance during these inclement times.

  5. is a physical structure which blocks or impedes something.

  6. Fevrier says:

    It is truly a tragedy and I hope the east coast can pick up the pieces in quick time. I also hope that the economic repercussions are not to devastating but it looks like the economic and social toll is quite large. Consider that once upon a time the East coast was covered with farms. The natural vegetation had been cut down to plant bananas. Now while cutting down the natural vegetation has exposed the topsoil to the prospect of runoff and erosion, farmers however had the habit of putting in drainage especially for the wet season. Now imagine all those abandoned farms on the east coast with little or no heavy vegetation cover and no drainage, the results are what we see happening now on the east coast.

    What we are going to see is reaction to this disaster and not proactive measures taken to avoid another occurrence. Although it is obvious what the problem is and what type of measures can be taken to mitigate and avoid such occurrences.

    • Kev says:

      St Lucians in New York to Host Fundraiser for the affected!
      Saint Lucia House
      438 E 49th Street
      Brooklyn NY
      Between Church & Synder Aves
      Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010
      $10 donation

    • SarvanProductions says:

      True words bro…Also don’t forget the Geographic Structure & location of the village…

  7. Cletus says:

    I’m saddend at this widespread destruction in Dennery – the birthplace of my parents and fore-parents and the playground of my youth. Dennerians are strong people and I know they will recover from this setback.

  8. Mine says:

    Be strong my people.

  9. Mary Polidore says:

    My heart goes out to all the people of the village and to my dear mum Dede.

    From her children – Mary, Paul, Benji, Clifford and all her grand children.

  10. gainya regis says:

    i must say that im still shaken by what has happened to dennery,i feel so helpless when i see what my friends and especially family r going through…all i can say is that may god be with them…there is sunshine after every storm…

  11. lucy brown says:

    I’m sorry about what happen, i am a lucian by birth, hopefully they will get the help that is truely needed and wanted.

  12. LuciaBoy says:

    WOW!!!! No lives lost great news.

  13. lorne says:

    Montoute must have his head up his *******, the immediate need of the people of other than shelter is food, clothing and health, not the police, people that are flooded in are not going anywhere, they will stay at thier respective homes to …clean up, normally when there is a deluge of rain in such a magnitude in an area like Dennery venomous snakes are out in the water, there is no clean water, there is a high risk of people catching diseases because of malaria, dengue fever, typhoid fever, the people need food to eat because they are unable to cook, they have no clothes to wear because they are either soaked wet or destroyed, people have to deal with raw sewage in the water…I remembered as a volunteer during hurricane Allen that is what the government did with the assistance of HESS. We mobilised, we volunteeered, we targeted we helped……another misstep of all the Kings men, maybe Montoute should take some of the monies that he got from the Government of Taiwan and donate some to the people of Dennery to help rebuild their shattered lives.See More

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