Didier says: ‘I’m a law abiding citizen!’

Director of Yachting Cuthbert Didier says he is working on repairing his tarnished image after police searched his home and brought him in for questioning.

Yachting Director and former Rodney Bay marina manager Cuthbert Didier has spoken out concerning his recent brush with law enforcement. Didier’s Rodney Bay home was searched this week by police reportedly acting on information they’d received. On the morning of Wednesday, September 28, Didier was taken to Castries Central Police Headquarters for further questioning in the matter.
That same day, at a crime related conference taking place at Sandals Grande, acting police commissioner Vernon Francois confirmed one person had been brought into custody on Wednesday morning in relation to an incident on Saturday, September 24 where police intercepted a cargo vessel loaded with firearms and drugs.
On Wednesday Francois said it was uncertain whether there was anything police could pursue in terms of charges but said the ‘individual’ was brought in as part of their investigations.
“We’ve been in contact with the Guyanese authorities with reference to the investigation because my information is that the vessel is a Guyanese registered vessel,” Francois said. “We chase after every single case.  We don’t discriminate, whether it’s high ranking or low ranking.  Where the evidence takes us, we just follow it.”
Though no names were mentioned St Lucia’s rumour mill churns ever so fiercely and pretty soon the name Cuthbert Didier was on everyone’s lips.
Police press relations officer Trevor Constantine told the STAR this week that the yachting director’s home was searched on Wednesday morning as part of a routine police operation.
“The police reserve that legal right to go to your house to conduct a search, irrespective of who you are or your status in society—they can do that once they operate within the law,” he said. “They can bring you in for questioning if they have reason to clarify a few things. That’s something we do all the time; we receive information and we have to execute a plan based on the information we have.”
“If nothing is found at your home, you won’t be charged but we can still take you down to the police station to further clarify matters and to discuss the information with you,” he continued. “You can be taken to the station, questioned and if nothing comes out of it you will be released, you will not be charged. It’s not a case where the police must have evidence to take you down to the police station. They reserve the right to take anybody down to the police station to further question them, or clarify matters on any issue.
On a televised news broadcast on Thursday evening, Didier said he was still very traumatized and a bit shocked about what took place. According to the yachting director, when a squad of police arrived on his doorstep at 6:30am on Wednesday morning with a search warrant, he cooperated fully. While nothing illegal was found in his home during the search, Didier was concerned with the way some media covered the issue.
“The way certain media houses came out, showed up at my property—this whole process almost gives you the impression they were almost working for law enforcement or traveling with law enforcement,” Didier told DBS news. “However, having said that, I recognize from the turn of events that this is a guillotine society and we’re fast to try to drag persons down . . . Thank God for my family support. I now know who my true friends are.”
Didier reiterated: “There was no illegal substance or item found in my home—no drugs, firearms or anything of the sort.
“I was brought down to the police station for questioning in regard to my association with a certain individual then I was released,” he said. “Based on my discussions with law enforcement officers I was allowed release and not charged for anything.”
When asked where the rumours may have stemmed from Didier responded: “I’m not sure where all this came from. I think that’s a question better asked of law enforcement. However I may say that I have made it quite clear that I had absolutely nothing to do with that event. I am a law-abiding citizen. I am not connected whatsoever and basically I have nothing to hide. I’ve been very transparent.”
At the end of the interview, Didier said he was now working on repairing his image and dealing with the rumours. Didier expects to continue working with the tourism ministry and it was reported that the yachting director flew to Italy for business on Friday.

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