Digicel announced its lucky winners in the January “Stress Free” promotion last week, live on Radio Caribbean International with radio personality Iwa. Duran Leonce and Julia Mathurin were both recipients of the wonderful news.

Digicel’s Fiona Smith presents Duran Leonce with his winnings.

Digicel’s Fiona Smith presents Duran Leonce with his winnings.

With the aim of easing up the squeeze and financial stress in the month of January, Digicel launched one of many promotions geared to assist customers with their financial burdens. To qualify for the promotion customers simply topped up $10 or more, paid their postpaid bill in full and by the 26th of the month or signed up for a Digicel Data Lite Plan and automatically received the opportunity to win $500 worth of free groceries plus $1500 towards their bills, all compliments of Digicel.

Duran Leonce and Julia Mathurin, unsuspecting of the news, were surprised when they received the on-air call from Iwa and Digicel’s Fiona Smith at the RCI studio. They had no idea at the time why they were called or that they were the lucky winners of free groceries plus their bills paid for by Digicel.

Duran Leonce, our lucky prepaid customer, was in shock and not sure how to respond to the news. “Can I faint now?” was the question posed after the announcement of his winnings. Julia Mathurin, on the other hand, was elated and could not stop thanking Digicel as this was her very first time winning since she became a postpaid customer.

Marketing and Communications Executive, Fiona Smith announced that “Digicel enjoys providing opportunities for customers to win fantastic prizes that will not only enhance their lives but the lives of their families as well. Being able to assist customers with their financial commitments brings us great joy. We know that the cash prize promotions are appreciated and we will continue to bring these beneficial promotions to our customers, ensuring that they receive opportunities to help better their lives and that of their families. Congratulations to Duran Leonce and Julia Mathurin on winning free groceries and having their bills paid in the January Stress Free promotion.”

With Digicel you too can be a winner. Simply top up with $10 or more, pay your postpaid bill in full and by the 26th of February or sign up for a Data Lite Plan for your chance to have a bill-free February!

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