Digicel gives double reasons to SMILE!

Thousands of prepaid mobile customers across St Lucia on the ‘Be Extraordinary’ network are being given additional reasons to smile, as Digicel’s continues to lead the way in offering customers unrivalled value from innovative promotions.

Appropriately named ‘DOUBLE SMILE’ the latest promotion places emphasis on each letter of the word ‘SMILE’, highlighting the outstanding services delivered by the Digicel network, while rewarding customers by way of valuable bonuses.

‘DOUBLE SMILE’ incorporates the best of the many promotions Digicel has executed over the years and condensed them all into one exciting, tailored-made, customer-oriented, smile producing package. From getting free SMS to International calls to Extra bonus, the ‘DOUBLE SMILE’ promotion eclipses everything that has been offered to date, as the rewards are doubled for customers.

Commenting on the new ‘DOUBLE SMILE’ promotion, Digicel Country Manager Holly Hughes-McNamara said: “This exciting and unique campaign gives even more value to our customers, allowing each of our prepaid mobile uses the power to choose how they will enjoy and benefit from it, be it with that special someone or with their entire call list.”

The ‘S’ in smile speaks to the texting enthusiasts, those who cherish the ability to ‘say it with letters’ as they receive free SMS. ‘M’ represents the Magic Number which is held by that special person participating customers may want to share the benefit of their free credit with. ‘I’ is for International calls that the customer receives free of charge. ‘L’ points to free Local Calls that can be shared with friends and family within the Digicel network and ‘E’ is the Extra bonus credit that can be used on any Digicel service.

Put together, this package offers tremendous value to customers who must opt into the promotion by dialing the short code *137# before Topping UP. For each prescribed Top Up value, the customer receives an instant double bonus to be spent in a 24-hour period.

S – SMS – Top up $10 and get 20 FREE Text Messages to local Digicel numbers. The Free Credit expires 24hrs after top up.

M –Magic Number –Top up $15 and get $30 FREE Credit to one magic number of their choice. Magic number must be a local Digicel number. Free credit expires 24hrs after magic number is registered.

I –International– Top up $20 and get $40 FREE Credit for LOCAL OR International Magic Number Calls. Calls can be made to UK fixed lines, USA, Canada, USVI and Puerto Rico. Free credit expires 24hrs after number is registered.

L –Local Calls –Top up $25 and get $50 FREE Credit for making Local Calls to all your Digicel friends and family. Free Credit expires 24hrs after top up.

E –Extra Bonus – Top up $30 or more and get 10 percent Bonus Credit to do anything. Make calls, send SMS, activate internet service and more.

Access your ‘DOUBLE SMILE’ today as the promotion is only available upon the first Top Up of the day.

As St Lucia’s leader in telecommunications services, Digicel is still offering FREE after 5 and Free Weekends for customers who chose not to join the ‘DOUBLE SMILE’ promotion. It is strongly recommended that customers take advantage of the huge benefits and savings this promotion affords. Free after 5 means prepaid customers are only billed for the first 5 minutes spent on every hour-long call, leaving them to benefit from 55 minutes of free talk time.

Meantime, Digicel postpaid customers always have reasons to rejoice and smile as they constantly benefit from the best value call plans and packages in the region.

“When it comes to innovation, Digicel has and will always lead the way, this is yet another exciting promotion designed to keep our customers smiling,” said Hughes-McNamara.

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