Do Something St Lucia transforms Bexon Primary!

Renwick’s team on a break.

The Principal of Bexon Primary School has spoken out in praise of the recent Bexon River clean up and School beautification project. Describing the outcome as a clear success Principal Carmen Charles says what is most gratifying is that the school received more than they expected.
“We are so blessed. They did a lot of work for us and whatever they did is exactly what we needed. The grounds are transformed; they moved the library for us and it is ready to use; there is so much more space outdoors and the children can play. We are overjoyed!” Ms. Charles says.
The first high impact event of the ongoing Do Something World Saint Lucia project recorded a turnout of approximately 250 volunteers. With an average each of four hours of service, Do Something World Saint Lucia has achieved at least 1,000 man hours , which when costed , will translate into a valuable cost savings for the Government and a more conducive learning environment for the students of the Bexon Primary School.
“Manpower aside, what we had on the ground were backhoes, chainsaws, dump trucks and other heavy equipment to de-silt the river which had deposited mountains of debris on the school grounds. We had equipment to create drainage, hoses to power wash the school court and trees for tree planting,” reported Country Co-Chair Dr Tim Robinson.
Techla Deterville, Projects Chairperson described the level of youth involvement as commendable citing in particular, the work of a contingent from the Boy Training Centre (BTC) and the Streams of Power group Youth Aflame as inspirational.
“We are heartened that while we had church based youth, we also had un-churched and youth-at-risk in attendance.
“We are excited about the opportunity this gives Do Something World Saint Lucia, to formulate the kind of bonds that can translate into trust and then transformation of lives,” said Mrs Deterville.
With the bulk of the heavy work already done throw Saturday’s cleanup,  Mrs Deterville says the DSW Saint Lucia will dialogue with relevant public sector agencies to discuss a sustainability programme to conclude any further, but relatively minor works required to fully restore the aesthetics of the outdoor environment at the Bexon Primary School.
A number of corporate partners deployed staff teams to support the cleanup, among them Lime and Renwick and Company. In-kind partners supporting the Bexon cleanup included Radio St Lucia, The Wave, Joy FM, Allbiz limited and MediaZone. Other Public sector sponsors included the Saint Lucia Fire Service and the Forestry Department.
The Do Something World campaign was created by former NFL player Miles McPherson, president of Miles Ahead and Senior Pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego.
The next high impact event is planned for April 30 and will focus on a mix of both physical beautification and the commencement of sustainable mentoring initiatives.

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