Double licks for Grenada in OECS Swimming Championships

A jubilant St Lucia National Swim Team after winning the 2012 OECS Swimming Championship in Antigua.

The 22nd OECS Swimming Championships concluded on Sunday 11th November 20012 at the Antigua Athletic Club, with St Lucia delivering a double whammy to their Grenadian competitors in both winning the 2012 edition but also reconfirming their 2011 victory. This was unquestionably one of the most keenly anticipated and competed swimming events in OECS history, with Grenada intent on reclaiming their hold on the trophy and St Lucia reconfirming their dominance in the sport from last year into 2012. All were not to be disappointed with the outcome (St Lucia that is). St Lucia took the slim lead from the Saturday with a lead of 22 points over Grenada, with a 848 to 826 point score. It was to be much the same on the Sunday, with St Lucia eventually claiming the trophy with a score of 1536 points and 1524 points to Grenada. Following are the final point standings: St. Lucia National Team, 1536; Grenada OECS Swim Team, 1514; Antigua & Barbuda National Team Team, 1224; St Vincent & the Grenadines National Team, 420; British Virgin Islands Team, 26. It was a tribute to the overall St Lucia team effort; individual performances of the swimmers, sponsor support, judicious SLASA selection of the swimmers and contribution of the swimmers, officials, parents of the swimmers and supporters that contributed to their victory. Further adding to Grenada’s woes was the reconfirmation at the Saturday evening OECS Swimming Congress, that St Lucia were the victors of the 2011 OECS Swimming Championships. While St Lucia won the championships, the Antiguans were also victorious. In hosting the championships for the first time, they demonstrated a level of commitment, organization camaraderie and OECS cooperation, that has injected new life into the OECS Swimming Championships and turned the event no longer into a St Lucia/Grenada horse race (swim race) but now a more encompassing OECS event. The Antiguans provided international level officiating and administration and clearly demonstrable support from their government, Olympic Committee, private sector and general public. Even more impressive is that their National Federation was recently resurrected to then execute this meet. Antiguans can take great pride and receive acclaim from their OECS cousins for this accomplishment Such is the Antigua level of training, pundits have them within contention to win the Championships in the next two years with their aggressive program Much jubilation greeted the St Lucia team, as they arrived at George FL Charles Airport on the Sunday evening from parents and supporters. Although it was clearly a team effort several St Lucian swimmers finished among the top three in the following age categories. Eight and Under Girls, Adriana Gooding (2nd); Eight and Under Boys, Ethan Prospere (3rd); Nine to 10 Girls, Eden Crick (2nd); Katelin Samuel (3rd). Thirteen to 14 Girls, Thalia Bergasse (2nd); Thirteen to 14 Boys, Mark Emanus (3rd); Fifteen to 17 Girls, Laura Brice (1st); Joseete Philogene (2nd); Fifteen to 17 Boys, Jordan Augier (1st); Eighteen and over Girls, Siona Huxley (1st); Eighteen and over Boys, Julien Brice (1st); Jamie Peterkin (3rd).

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