ECFH win first ever Commercial Volleyball League

The stage was set on Friday at the Beausejour Indoor Facility for the conclusion of what has been an exciting Commercial volleyball tournament.
Four teams squared off for three placements. WASCO went up against Consolidated Foods Ltd (CFL) for the bronze, while East Caribbean Financial Holdings (ECFH) battled Goddard Group of Companies for the gold and silver. Spectators came in early to see what
was anticipated to be
he most exciting matches
of the tournament. They
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As WASCO and CFL took the floor the crowd roared in support. The bronze matchup was a see-saw affair as CFL dominated the first set 25-12 led by national player Keson Edmund with thunderous attacks and Sancha Isidore with some on target sets.
WASO claimed the second set in similar fashion with some smart play from Captain Denny Samson and Malone Brouet.
The following two sets were tighter. CFL took the third 25-19 and WASCO the fourth 25-20.
The fifth set tie breaker saw the fatigued teams dig deep and really give their all. The points see-sawed as this nail biter of a set, had the enthusiastic crowd at the edge of their seats. In the end WASCO dug into their reserves to make a final run to win 15-12. They won the set, match and third place trophy.
Hard hitting action begun the match for gold as both ECFH and Goddard Group had all guns locked and loaded. Much of the crowd stood and cheered throughout the match, as the two power house teams put on a remarkable display of offense and defense.
It seemed obvious that Goddard came prepared to stop and funnel the hard hitting spikes of ECFH’s Amobi Armstrong, but the team quickly adjusted to Goddards intimidating defensive strategies and won the first set 25-20.
The second set saw more of the same as both teams constantly adjusted to each others offensive and defensive strategies. Just as power packed and entertaining as the first set ECFH won the second 25-19.
The third set was by far the closest set of the match. The point exchange kept the crowd emotionally involved in the game and in and out of their seats. Goddard Group gave everything they had, led by sweet setting from national player Tramaine Edward and massive spikes by Ed Mathurin.
Despite the very commendable effort they could not overcome ECFH led by the experience of Amobi Armstrong and Gifta Dujon. ECFH won the third set 25-23 to and emerge as the 2012 Commercial Volleyball League Champions.
The following awards were presented at the closing ceremony. Junior Blanchard of Sandals Resorts received The Spirit of the Tournament Award.  Amobi Armstrong of ECFH was crowned Male MVP and his teammate Gifta Dujon received the Female MVP award.
President of the St Lucia Volleyball Association and Executive Director of the St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Brian Louisy presented the bronze awards to The Water and Sewage Company (WASCO), sliver to Goddard Group of Companies and the gold to East Caribbean Financial Holdings (ECFH).
Following in order of finish are the final tournament standings of the 2012 Commercial Volleyball League. East Caribbean Financial Holdings (ECFH), Goddard Group of Companies, The Water & Sewage Company (WASCO), Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL), The Ministry of Education, Sandals Resorts, The Ministry of Social Transformation, Youth & Sports, National Skills Development Centre (NSDC), The Royal St Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), Digicel, Lime.

A brilliant return from Sancha Isidore of Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL) during the third place playoff against the Water and Sewage Company (WASCO).

The action was fast and furious when Goddard Group of Companies (l) played ECFH in the finals of the Commercial Volleyball League.

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