Emancipation Day Concert Still On!

Organizers of a much- publicized Emancipation Day concert told the STAR Thursday that the event is still on. The local promoters have contracted the services of popular Jamaican Reggae singer I-Octane to headline the August 1 event to be held at Moon River in Canaries.

Singer I-Octane has been a staple at many international Reggae festivals over the past few years having transitioned from dancehall music to a more cultural vibe. His first hit single ‘Stab Vampire’ cemented his position as a notable Reggae artist, going to number one, and received the award for Video of the Year at the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards (EME) in Jamaica.

Left: The voice of the sufferer Meshach for  Emancipation Day Concert. Right: Singer I-Octane to bring positive vibes to August 1 event.

Left: The voice of the sufferer Meshach for
Emancipation Day Concert. Right: Singer I-Octane to bring positive vibes to August 1 event.

I-Octane put out hit after hit, winning over skeptics and gaining many new fans. Songs such as ‘Lose A Friend’, his most requested song to date, ‘Different Page’, ‘Hurt Mi’ and ‘Mama you Alone’ reverberated with people all over and, as his reputation soared, his fan base increased and the demands grew beyond the Jamaican soil. In no time I-Octane was performing to his international fans on his first European tour.

Inevitably, he soon began to link with notable producers who were all clamoring to work with the young artist, and his repertoire of hit songs broadened rapidly.

I-Octane is now an independent artist, having ended a 4-year partnership with Arrows Recording. His catalogue continues to grow, likewise his accolades, and he has received numerous awards and nominations in recognition of his work. With only a 5-year stint in the industry he is already being compared to some of the legends in Reggae, hence it’s only appropriate that many industry professionals and corporate Jamaica are looking to him as the leader of the new generation of music.

Among his more recent hits, ‘L.O.V.E Y.O.U.’, ‘Missing You’ (remix featuring Agent Sasco) and ‘Once More’ reflect his emotional sensibility while songs like ‘Vanity Will Come’ and ‘All We Need Is Love’ (featuring Tarrus Riley) are filled with positive messages and political leanings, something that the current state of dancehall often lacks.

Even with his success to date, it is clear that I-Octane has just scratched the surface of all he is meant to achieve. His music has captured the attention and hearts of people of every color, creed and class and this artist has undoubtedly unleashed a fire that will eternally blaze.

I-Octane will be performing with his full band.

Also booked to perform is Meshach and his band. The singer gave a stellar performance at the 2015 Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, performing before one of the largest crowds to show up for the Friday night event which was headlined by Beres Hammond.

The Emancipation Concert will also feature Ally Cat, Sledge Man, Alpha Onyx Dancers, Vybz Capone, Subance, Freezie, Fundermentals and DJ Meg Boy. Doors open at 2pm and the concert starts at 4 pm.

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