Engineer accuses NDM leader of corruption!

NDM leader Ausbert d'Auvergne

It appears Ausbert d’Auvergne got more than he bargained for  when he invited questions from the audience as his town-hall-meeting on Wednesday evening. The event was carried live on Radio 100 and HTS.
The NDM leader was hardly prepared for what followed his party’s policy statement on agricultural development in Saint Lucia.
Orjan Lindberg of Lindberg Engineering had his own statement to deliver: “I am one of Mr Ausbert d’Auvergne’s victims. He cost me a loss of $100,000 and two years out of my life when I refused to pay a bribe while he was head of the planning department. That is why I am here, and why I will be present at all his meetings from now on. The only real change in the NDM is that most politicians become corrupt after they enter politics but here they have a man who has become corrupt before he enters politics. St Lucians beware. I think I am leaving now. This is a farce.”
This was Mr d’Auvergne’s response: “I do remember your case very specifically and it had to do with the attempting to undertake an illegal development in the Roseau Valley and for which approval was not given by the Development Control Authority which I was Chairman [of].
“Mr Lindberg and I have had discussions on this matter over the years and Mr Lindberg remains disgruntled over the matter because he was trying to implement the project which involved industrial development in an area zoned for agricultural development which I think may be about 15 years ago when I was chairman of the Development Control Authority and approval was not granted for that development.”

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