Exercise and the bedroom

Valentines Special

 Exercise and the bedroom

Written by: Emma Anius

  Valentines day just passed, and now you’re thinking of ways to keep the passion and romance going, but are not quite sure how to.  Most couples, after being together after a while the sparks eventually fade out.  It’s time to now rekindle what you once had!

Exercise surprisingly does and awful lot for your sex drive in both men and women!  So if your looking for an effective, inexpensive way to keep the love alive, this is definitely one to seriously consider.

When you’ve been with the same person for years, you gradually start letting yourself go- stop shaving your legs as often or start putting on some weight and you tend to feel less desirable.  Exercise helps you feel sexier about yourself; it improves your body image and allows you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.  So you don’t waste time thinking about how to hide your body when you’re being intimate with your partner, it also allows you to relax and reduces stress.  Studies have shown that men and women who exercise regularly rated their own sexual desirability as above average.

Not only does it make you feel sexier about yourself exercise also increases the pleasure you get from sex.  Studies have shown that ladies that engage in intense short-duration exercise significantly increase their sexual arousal and are able to reach an orgasm faster and more intensely. Men also experience similar improvements to their sex life when they participate in regular physical activity.  Studies have shown that men who exercise one hour per day, three to five days a week had an improvement in sexual function, and an increased percentage of satisfying orgasms.

Most men have experienced a time when they have been unable to get an erection, be it due to nerves, alcohol consumption or lack of arousal.  Remember how terrifying it was to think you’d never be able to have sex again?  This is a problem for nearly 300 million men worldwide between the ages of 40 and 70.  Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects approximately 80 %of men with diabetes, which is a condition that affects a considerable amount of St. Lucians.  It usually occurs with age but studies have shown that men with diabetes are more likely to suffer from ED 10 to 15 years earlier than those without.  ED is often caused by circulatory problems; blocked arteries and high blood pressure help contribute to the problem. Exercise keeps the heart and arteries healthy, this reduces the likelihood of developing ED. Studies have shown that men over the age of 50 that exercise reported better erections and had a 30% lower risk of impotence than inactive males.

Age can also have an effect on your sexual activity, as you get older your sex drive decreases and you become less physically active. Studies have shown that 60 year olds that exercise regularly, reported to having the same amount of sexual pleasure as people decades younger, research has also revealed that sexually active older people live longer and stay healthier than their celibate counterparts. So if you’re approaching your 40th wedding anniversary and you think you’re too old to exercise or have an active sex life its time to think again.  

No matter your age, if your satisfied with your sex life, remember there’s always room for improvement.  Sex itself is an intense physical activity requiring strength, endurance and flexibility; exercise helps improve all of these qualities, which can lead to more enthusiastic relations.  With improved endurance, your heart is stronger which allows your body to go for longer.  An increased amount of strength allows you to keep the excitement in the bedroom, as you can now try all of the positions that require greater physical control that you were unable to do before.  After every exercise routine you should stretch your body for various reasons leading to increase flexibility.  With increased flexibility your body is able to do things it might not of been able to do before with greater comfort, the best way to improve your flexibility is to stretch after work-outs or incorporating yoga into your routine.


Remember always participate in safe sex. Looking after your body is the key to healthy living.


If you have no time to exercise or don’t know where to begin:



??Medicine ball twists x 20, bridge x 15, side lunge x 10, squat x 10, plank x 30 seconds:


Medicine ball twists x 50, bridge x 25, side lunge x 20, squat x 15, plank x 60 seconds


Note: Emma Anius is a Personal Trainer for Cyan Fitness promoting a ‘healthy life and a better you.’ Email: emma@cyanfitness.com

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