Exercise and your Complexion

Exercise and your Complexion

Written by: Emma Anius

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar business taking advantage of our insecurities promotingbeauty ideals that are almost impossible to achieve.

This encourages everyone to be so consumed with how they look and are constantly striving to be perfect.
There are hundreds of beauty products on the market promising unblemished skin, firming, toning and brightening.  Some people go as far as getting medication, even cosmetic surgery to achieve flawless skin.
Instead of spending hundreds every year on cleansers, toners and exfoliators, exercise is a natural, free way to help combat any issues you may have with your skin.
Looking young seems to be in fashion lately, but aging, unfortunately is inevitable and as you age your skin begins to wrinkle.  This is because it is losing collagen.  Collagen is one of the components responsible for the elasticity in the skin, which plumps up the skin and gives you a younger, more vibrant look.
As the collagen begins to fade, wrinkles appear.  Besides getting collagen implants, exercise is an easier, cheaper and safer way to promote collagen in the skin cells.  This means instead of paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get Botox or a facelift, if you simply started to exercise it could help keep that natural youthful look.
A lot of people avoid exercise because they think that sweating can bring about acne flare-ups. The truth is that sweating flushes out the impurities in the skin, cleaning out the skins pores. Vigorous exercise can even correct hormonal imbalances that can trigger spots, therefore reducing the likelihood of breakouts.
Any physical activity you do on a daily basis will prevent stress-related acne as it lowers your stress levels. Although research is still being done on the link between the skin and stress; studies have shown the gland that produces oil in the skin (sebaceous gland) is influenced by the stress hormone. Excess oil in the skin can lead to blemishes and acne flare-ups therefore incorporating exercise into your daily life can help reduce your breakouts by decreasing stress levels.
Exercise really helps your skin get that revived, fresh look and it also helps with the underlying colour and tone of the skin.  It helps give your skin a healthy glow so no more use for blusher in the make-up bag!  As you exercise your heart rate goes up and circulates more blood and oxygen to the skin. As the blood goes to the surface of the skin it brings nutrients and removes toxins and the oxygen helps to repair any damage that has been done to your skin. This is one of the reasons why your skin looks healthy and radiant after a good workout.
Besides exercise helping to stop the appearance of wrinkles and decrease breakouts it also makes you feel better about yourself. As you exercise your body releases endorphins, this is the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemical.  When it is released your mood is boosted, and when you feel good about yourself your self-confidence improves.
Exercise not only helps you lose weight, decrease your chances of suffering certain diseases but it also helps achieve that flawless natural look that everybody craves.
Looking after your body is the key to healthy living
If you have no time to exercise or don’t know where to begin:

Medicine ball twists x 20, bridge x 15, side lunge x 10, squat x 10, plank x 30 seconds
Medicine ball twists x 50, bridge x 25, side lunge x 20, squat x 15, plank x 60 seconds
•    For help with the exercises go to www.facebook.com/cyanfitness and view the photos.


Note: Emma Anius is a Personal Trainer for Cyan Fitness promoting a ‘healthy life and a better you.’

Email: emma@cyanfitness.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cyanfitness

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