Family needs help finding missing woman!

Joseph Cadasse never expected to return home from work on Monday, May 28 to an empty house. He resides in Sarrot with his elderly mother and has a set routine of heading out to his job at a construction site and returning home every day.
Coming home to an empty house was enough to send him into panic mode and after searching the house to no avail he immediately went to the police station to report his 74-year-old mother missing.             Upon arrival he was informed about standard missing person procedure that stipulates a report can only be filed once a person has been missing for at least 48 hours. Joseph headed home and searched the area once again with the help of friends, family and neighbours but again their search proved futile.
“My mom went missing last Monday, we have gone searching for her and up to now we haven’t found her,” Joseph told the STAR this week. “We have no clue where she has been, where she’s about and I would like to know. If someone sees her please let the family know or contact the nearest police station and let them know where my mum is about.”
Almost two weeks later Irene Cadasse’s location still remains a mystery.
“I live with her and I saw her on Monday at around 11am,” said her son. “I left her there and went to work. She normally stays at home, goes in her garden or stays around the house. She’s a diabetic and isn’t someone who really moves around or goes very far, it’s just around the area. No one has seen her anywhere. She wasn’t sick when I left, only if her sugar went up, but not to my knowledge.”
Joseph was unable to say what his mother would likely be seen wearing as he says she would’ve likely bathed and changed, and for that reason he was unsure of what she’d worn after that.
“We haven’t heard anything,” he told the STAR. “The police took a report on Thursday and there was a search on Saturday. The same day she went missing we reported to the Criminal Investigation Department and they told us 48 hours. After that they came, went searching and up to now haven’t come up with anything.
“It’s my mom, and well what can I say?” he said, trying to keep a positive frame of mind. “I’m optimistic that we will find her, and we could use all the help we can get.”

The search is still on for 74-year-old Irene Cadasse.

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