Father’s Day vs Mother’s Day!

Father’s Day really seems like one of those occasions people don’t remember until the very last moment! It comes around at the same time every year, yet is met with surprise every single time almost as if it were invented yesterday. Much unlike Mothers Day, which everyone always seems to go all out for, knowing for weeks in advance exactly what they’re going to get or do to brighten up their mom’s day.
Father’s Day certainly pales in comparison with the day made to honour mothers and in St Lucia this may have something to do with the fact that a large number of people grew up without their fathers in the first place. Some never knew them; others had a father figure present for just the earlier years of their lives and some grew up with a father figure who was physically there, but not really present in the ways that really mattered.
Moms seem always to be the ones that stick around—not saying there aren’t ‘bad mothers’, but moms are without a doubt the ones who are most often physically present. You give more and you get more, and mother’s certainly give and have earned the right to have a completely fabulous             Mother’s Day every single year. But father’s who don’t do all they can to be there for their children do nothing to up the appreciation for their special occasion.
For the purposes of this article, the STAR wanted to know the real reason behind the lack luster outlook to Father’s Day.
“Maybe dads aren’t as fussy as moms . . . or we have made a bad name for ourselves,” Shazzy Jules offered. “We need to change this. New millennium dads rock though!”
STAR reader Lydia David added: “You know why this happens, its because every thing for us is our mom. Sun, rain, pain it’s our mom. School, hospital, church, its mom. Too many dads do not do what they have to do. Yes, there are some wonderful fathers but where are the others? Father’s Day will never be like Mother’s day.”
“It’s true we pay more attention to the mothers, but ‘real’ fathers should also be celebrated every day,” Rena Samuel shared. “There are some people who aren’t fathers at all, just in the name only, so don’t blame them.”
Responses showed there was definitely need for fathers who were missing in action to step up to the plate.
Those who were ‘there but not really there’ needed to realize everything shouldn’t be left entirely up to mothers. There are definitely ways fathers can make a greater impact in the lives of their children—it’s the only way they’ll grow up seeing the significance of Father’s Day, things are bleak enough as it is!
Just as there are those who probably don’t deserve to be fathers in the first place, there are those who make sure their children know how important they are from day one. The ones who make sure you know you’re their reason for living at every moment, the overprotective ones, who see you as a child even when you’re grown.
The ones who don’t ever want to see any harm come to you, and will guard you with their life. Fathers who want to see you live your dreams, be the best at whatever it is you love and don’t hesitate to tell you how proud they are of you. A real dad is to be appreciated, and that’s reason enough to make sure he has the best Father’s Day he’s ever had.
Why not go all out for your dad this year? Or what about that man in your life who is like a father figure, who is always there when you need some encouragement or support?
As much as they may claim to want “nothing at all”, and pretend the day doesn’t mean much, think about how good he’ll feel if you go out of your way to make this day exceptional. Even if you’ve never really done anything super special for your father before, there are lots of ways to let him know you appreciate him!

Father’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday June 17th.

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