How to find The One (Part 1)

It is imperative that you know where you’re going, in order to know who to take with you!

Confessed Youtube addict that I am, it’ll come as no surprise that I spent several hours this week wading through a sea of relationship videos. Not unlike most of you reading this, I’d been wondering if it was possible at the start of a relationship to know whether you were meant for each other—whether he or she was The One.

I encountered numerous vloggers, most of them couples in long term relationships, or married. The first to stop me were Youtuber Jerry Flowers and his wife Tanisha. They had devoted two of their episodes on Redefined TV to telling their following how quickly they’d found they were meant for each other.

Jerry spoke first: “I knew who I was, so I knew what I was looking for. If you don’t know where you’re going, then you don’t know who to take with you. I knew because I’d found a woman whose reputation preceded her.”

Additionally: “It’s one thing to be attracted by a woman’s physicality. It’s something else when it comes to recognizing a woman who will lay on your head a crown of thorns or a kingly crown.” Flowers
said he knew he’d found someone special just by
her sweet spirit. “She was so kind, it scared me,” said Flowers. “She was so tender, so loving and gracious, and I knew I’d finally met a woman with all the qualities I needed. Tanisha helped me to develop my manhood.”

In her turn Tanisha said what set Jerry apart for her was “his sense of integrity”. More precisely: “He did whatever he said he was going to do. If he promised to call me, to text me, to take me to meet his parents, he always kept his word. He always came through for me. More important, Jerry made me want to be better for God, and that gave me a glimpse of how he would lead our family. Ours started as a long-distance relationship but he never slowed down in his pursuit of me. He left no doubt that he truly wanted me. A lot of healing came into my life when Jerry entered it. He brought me peace.”

It was not the first time I’d heard about the importance of peace in a relationship. But somehow, hearing it from Tanisha was different. She was so convincing. I formed the impression that without the peace factor a relationship was not worth pursuing.

Getting into the minds of Tanisha and Jerry Flowers and others was an enlightening experience that I promise to share more about next time. Don’t miss it.

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