First Citizens turns 8!

First Citizens Marketing Officer Nicole McDonald (L) and Regional Manager  Carole Eleuthere Jn Marie.

First Citizens Marketing Officer Nicole McDonald (L) and Regional Manager Carole Eleuthere Jn Marie.

Under the theme of ‘The Masquerade’, First Citizens Investment Services celebrated eight years of existence in St. Lucia on Thursday, July 11 at Cotton Bay’s Piano, Piano Bar in Cap Estate. After a short blessing by Gros-Islet Parish Priest Father Athanase, Administrative and Marketing Officer Nicole McDonald opened the evening’s festivities with a warm welcome to the guests.

“Thank you all for being here. You have all been carefully selected because you have contributed in some way to the success of First Citizens Investment Services over
the last eight years. You are our clients, our partners, our supporters in good times and in bad and we want to really thank you for taking the time out tonight to celebrate with us,” she said.

Regional Manager Carole Eleuthere Jn Marie was also filled with praise and gratitude for patrons of the company, especially during the uncertain economic climate.

“We come here to give thanks and it so good to always be appreciative and to remember to be grateful and to be thankful. Everybody who is an investor, everybody who has even thought about investing will tell you that now is a tough time. It is a tough time for the market, it is a tough time for us as individuals, it is tough times for our pockets. And so for an organization like First Citizens Investment Services, for us to have survived the last eight years and to be so comfortable and confident in what we do, to have reached the level and achieve the milestones that we have, it is really largely because of you our clients and well wishers,” Eleuthere Jn Marie expressed.

Eleuthere Jn Marie added that she would be remiss in neglecting to recognize her team, which has helped the company get to this point.

“We started off as a small staff team of three and now we have an office of thirteen individuals, thirteen persons who continue to stretch the targets, go the extra mile year after year to achieve all what we have achieved and continue to remain strong and solid in the market. We are small as a team of thirteen but seemingly invincible. With that size we have grown our portfolio to over 400 million in funds of individuals and organizations throughout the region. That is because we have a team of persons who continue to go out there and do not believe that anything is not possible. We have a staff team who continue to be very flexible. We’ll work with you, we’ll look at what you’re looking for and we also take the time month after month to try to educate you because we believe that the more you understand the better investors that you will be and the better you will be at making wise investment decisions which is what we are all about.”

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