All right, so it’s been a few years. Over twenty anyway, since we took our most recently featured Flashback picture. But surely we expected more of a reaction from readers, who must’ve been admirers, friends or relatives. Even the pictured ladies held their peace this time around. Could it be some people can’t handle what time does to most of us?

If that’s mostly true, it certainly doesn’t apply here. Time has been most kind to these ladies that I photographed at Marigot Bay for the purposes of the 1987 Miss Goodwill beauty pageant. Most of them have done well for themselves, by all I’ve learned, though we won’t go into that here. Ladies must have their privacy.

So, from left to right, as they say: Peta Gaye-Johnson, Jenny Bicar, Michelle Ellott (restaurateur extraordinaire and a host of other amazing things), Veronica Charles (daughter of the famous local environmentalist Coco Charles), Angel Isaac, Christa Mogul (she had not yet changed her name by marriage!).

Okay, so I left out two names: the lady between Veronica and Angel and the one on the extreme right. Try as I might I can’t recall their names.

I suspect most of these beauties no longer live in Saint Lucia, therefore will be missing out on the better days just around the corner. But that’s for another story!



Ahead of the Caribbean premier of Derek Walcott’s play ‘O Starry, Starry Night’ tomorrow evening (August 8) at Samaans Park, we thought we’d throw in this blast from the past, first published in the STAR on May 26, 1990, as a reminder of why we admire the St Lucian Nobel Laureate’s tell-it-like-it-is nature, particularly when it comes to defending the fine attributes that make fair Helen as remarkable as it is!         — The Editor



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