There was a time when the Saint Lucian police were highly revered and respected by the majority of the citizenry. Just about every school child listed a police, along with doctor, lawyer, scientist or nurse, as what they aspired to become when they grew up.

And, mention of your father being a police was done with pride and also brought you some measure of respect back in the day too. Police parades in the city were quite a spectacle to watch and it was also a sight to behold the manner in which law-men carried themselves during each opening session of parliament. Uniforms were impeccably clean and well ironed; every seam in place. Officers were also clean-shaven, with no jewelery- a wedding band if they were married perhaps.

Ah, but those days are fast fading away as a few bad apples within the force seek to dismantle the tower of pride, respect and reverence once held by the police. But at least we have a treasure trove of photos to reminisce about the good old days and this is one of them.

Taken some time in the eighties we think these folks were in the city perchance to catch a glimpse of a parade. The young lad with his own baton clearly feels mighty and powerful standing next to the police-man on duty as he posed for our cameras. If you know who he is please write in and tell us. What about the officer on duty? If any of our readers knows anything about him, please tell, or any of the persons in this timeless photograph.


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