Our Flashback photo in last Wednesday’s edition of the Star newspaper seemed to have stumped many of our readers, particularly when it came to identifying all of the individuals in the photograph and where it was taken. John Mangal says: “third from right. Sir Winston Cenac QC, former parliamentary representative for Soufriere after 1979 elections. Was our third PM since we attained independence. He replaced sir Allan Louisy who resigned after a successful vote of no confidence during the leadership struggle.”

Cenac resigned amid scandal and was replaced by interim PM Michael Pilgrim who served for six months before general elections were held where Sir John Compton again led the country as PM.

Michael John identified the gentleman on the far right  in the picture as Sir Vincent Floissac QC, former Judge and Governor General of St. Lucia.

But who are the fair ladies also photographed with these gentlemen and where were they at the time? Funny how no one recognized a young Mary Francis long before she publicly announced her fights for human rights. The location, we cannot recall exactly, but we believe it was at one of our hotels where among others things matters of the law would have been on the agenda.


Out on the field? What exactly were the three pictured here out and about doing and who are they? Send us your answers via email, post your comments on our Star Facebook page or the Star website.


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