The spectacled gentleman at the center of our flashback photo is none other than Henry Charles. He is pictured attending to persons signing up for the STEP program under the Saint Lucia Labour Party Government,  through the National Conservation Authority. The NCA was later embroiled in what is known as the NCA Scandal and an enquiry was launched into its operations in 2005. According to the terms of the enquiry the investigator would conduct a comprehensive management audit of the NCA from the period 2001 to 2005.

The Investigator was expected to investigate allegations of mismanagement and improper conduct levelled against, the General Manager of the National Conservation Authority Henry Charles and determine whether the Board of Directors of the National Conservation Authority had effectively exercised its mandate in accordance with the provisions of the National Conservation Authority (NCA) Act, No.16 of 1999. Suffice it to say in spite of some damning allegations, evidence and charges, no one was ever arrested or even detained in this matter.

Meanhwile, Henry Charles has since taken up a position as a Youth Development Specialist in Guyana.


flashback march 19


What can you tell us about the gentlemen in the foreground of our flashback photo this week and where were they at the time it was taken? And who is the gentleman in the background looking on? Hint! Hint! He still has an enquiring mind, particularly when it comes to things to do with the arts and communities.

Share your feedback with us.

2 Responses to FLASHBACK

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  2. LuciaBoy says:

    My friend Bernie Fanis I think we had just come from a short summer stint at CARIMAC in Jamaica around that time.

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