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Pictured above is our new flashback photo of the week!

Last week’s Flashback responses:

I recently received from an overseas-based FLASHBACK fan, the following reminder: “I just wanted to mention I also remember that terrible incident when three young ladies drowned. The dinghy was owned by a German who also operated a cruising yacht at the Rodney Bay Marina. Following the beach accident, this gentleman shot to death the Swedish owner of another yacht at a local bar. The German was traumatized by the accident with the young ladies. But he was also an oddball. He shot the other guy after he boasted of having sex with the German’s wife, a Venezuelan that many believed to be a hooker.

“The German spent eight months in prison, during which time he remained in a catatonic state. He was released ahead of time when the Mission of Mercy [should that be Mercy Committee?] recommended a number of releases to reduce the number of inmates . . .”

Actually, I know the story quite well and my reminder was on the ball for the most part. And now for last week’s Flashback: I took the picture at Cocodan in Vieux Fort, while magistrate Indra Hariprasad (now a high court judge), the jury, lawyers and police officers were taking a close look at the vicinity where the police had made their “biggest drug haul ever.”

Yes, that’s a young Peter Foster—now QC and House Speaker—who (with his father, as I recall) defended the notorious but then quite glamorous Wally against several drug-related police charges.

The year was 1988, as correctly noted in the best recollection by Eroline Lamontagne who wrote: “Is that Indra Hariprasad? Peter Foster? I also recognize my deceased father Eldon Joseph, who was a court bailiff in Vieux Fort. He died in a car accident on the East Coast Road. Third on left wearing a jacket and white shoes. Picture taken in Vieux Fort.”

Following are some other responses: Thaddeus M. Antoine: “I recognize someone who appears to be Peter I. Foster, as he then was and Justice Charles . . .” Eliza F Victor: “That location is clearly Vieux Fort, I think in the Shanty Town area . . . cant recall the event..” Paul K Mesidore: “That rastaman on the left looks like Franko and the guy behind him looks like Wally.”

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