Flashback: Who’s the man in the middle?

It seems readers had little trouble recognizing the guy on the left: Claudius Francis, longtime host of Straight Up and current President of the Senate. The man flashing his hairy pectorals at the far end of the picture is none other than former Banana Salvation Committee chairman Pat Joseph, an urban hero until he fell out with the new prime minister Kenny Anthony.

Before 1997, Joseph and Julian Hunte (then SLP leader and prime minister in waiting?) had spent years with the abused farmers who until the arrival of Hunte and Joseph had been seen as UWP supporters especially loyal to John Compton.

You could say, the banana farmers played a major part in taking the Labour Party into office in 1997. But that story has been written. Details are available in at least one book called Lapses & Infelicities.

As for he gentleman in the middle, whom nobody seems to know (strange!) he has been described by Kenny Anthony as one of, if not altogether his BFF. His name is Clynt Octave, a Saint Lucian long based in New York. He was at one time closely associated with the New York branch of the Saint Lucia Association. A word of caution: Never invite him and Earl Huntley to the same party—especially if it’s held in the Helenites Building.

As I recall the picture was taken at one of the jazz festivals presided over by the St Lucia Labour Party.

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